Jaguar F Type


Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection upgrade package

Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection upgrade package


Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection, Software remap and Supercharger upgrade package

If you are looking to really take your Jaguar F Type tuning and performance seriously, you can considerably increase the performance and power delivery of the Paramount Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection system by combining it with additional modifications, specifically an ecu remap software upgrade, air filters and supercharger upgrade package.

The Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection system decreases intake temperatures, this is a good thing. The enemy of tuning is pinking, detonation and warm air,  what you want to do is increase charger pressure, and spark advance, but as you start to push the tuning, you run into warmer air issues combined with detonation, - this is not good! Detonation melts pistons!  – So the engine management system seeks to stop the detonation, but the only tool it has to hand to do this is to retard the ignition – in plain English – you have pushed too hard so the engine pulls the power away to prevent damage – your tuning has peeked and plateau.

The answer is:

More spark advance – this is done with the remap

More air – this is done though changing the supoer charger speed – the Paramount super charger pulley

Colder denser air – this stops detonation – this is what the Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection systemwill do

Combined the 3 elements work really well together – max performance and max power all the time, safe strong useable power.  

When installed at the Paramount workshops, we carry out a general health check, and rolling road test. The Jaguar F Type Water Methanol Injection system is them installed. The performance air filters and the smaller supercharger pulley are fitted, and the custom and bespoke ecu software upgrade will be carried out – this work is done live on our rolling road. Your F Type is then fine-tuned together with the combined parts to deliver the very best performance set up.

And if you really still want more come and talk to us about the 700bhp Predator conversion – ready when you are!

Price: 2195.00

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