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  • Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler Intercooler V8

    Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler, Super cool you Jaguar F-Type Supercharger for super-fast performance




    This very high-quality hand-built Jaguar F Type charge cooler decreases supercharger temperatures, increasing air density in the intake system and combustion chamber, boosting performance and power delivery for your Jaguar F Type tuning.




    The Jaguar F Type charger cooler is available for the V8 2-wheel drive and the AWD, but they are different, so please confirm your model when ordering. These stunning Jaguar F Type Charge Coolers are handmade in the Uk and do take around 2 weeks to manufacture, please be patient – perfection can take a little while to deliver – but will really deliver the power once fitted – mail order and international sales welcome




    See our full range of Jaguar Performance Upgrade Parts

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  • Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wheel Arch Extension

    Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wheel Arch Extension – Jaguar F Type Styling


    Cheeky, fun and stylish, Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre wheel arch extensions. If you are looking for a subtle but sporty upgrade for your Jaguar these wheel arch extensions are just the ticket. The Paramount Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wheel arch extensions are really easy to fit, and suitable for home fitting, using the original mounts that are already in place.


    Giving an instant smile and satisfaction score on the doors. Modified, carbon fibre, shiny but not too in your face. You have to marvel as to how the little things can make all the difference.


    The Paramount Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wheel arch extensions are manufactured from real carbon fibre and finished in a high gloss.


    Go on treat yourself …..


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  • Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning – Home tuning

    Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning – Home tuning and mail order tuning system for the Jaguar 3.0 F Type V6 

    Here at Paramount we have a great range of Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning and performance upgrades. And we also understand depending on where you living, you may not be able to get to us or one of our dealers. For your tuning, ecu remapping and upgrades to be installed.

    As such Paramount can also so offer you our Jaguar F Type V6 3.0 Tuning home tuning unit. So now you can tune your F -Type  where ever you are! The Paramount all new driver operated “home” tuning system for Jaguar F Type Tuning enables you to plug in anywhere, any time, and upload a custom and bespoke tuning for your Jaguar F Type tuning and remapping…. see more …

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  • Jaguar Burble Pop & Bang Tuning

    Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

    Want more exhaust tone from your Jaguar, more burble on overrun and more rumble?

    Amazingly this can now be software installed, yep that’s right, download and install more burble, and a more aggressive exhaust tone on overrun and more popping and banging – sometimes known as anti-lag tuning and remapping,…. click to see more …