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Jaguar Window Tinting VIP Jaguar Tuning and Styling

Jaguar Window Tinting  VIP Jaguar Tuning and Styling

Jaguar Window Tinting – VIP Jaguar Styling

If you are looking for a little more privicy may be its time to tint your Jaguar windows, as well as giving a sleeker stylish look, window tinting will give your Jaguar a very practical bonus of keeping the car cooler on hot days, and protect from sun damage and fading. And after all does every one really need to see everything you are doing? 

Privacy is important to many of us, Jaguar window tinting is available for all models of Jaguar, its a simple and effective way of making your Jaguar a little more private and stylish. Paramount Performance offer UK wide collection and delivery for tinting, tuning and styling, as well as full vehilce wrapping. If you are looking to make your Jaguar look a little more special, Paramont can arrange a full range of window tints in varying shades of colour and darkness. 

Window tinting is just one of many of the discrete styling, tuning and erformance upgrades offered by Paramount Performance. From single items, trims and carbon fibre to a full performance and power conversions, up to 650bhp! E-mail us now for details

Priced here for a 4 dooor XF - please enquire for a more specific quote if needed. 

Price: 260.00

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