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  • Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers

    Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers – Real Carbon Fibre


    Jaguar F Type Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers, these real carbon fibre wing mirror covers look great, but don’t come with the cost of full replacement Jaguar F Type carbon fibre wing mirrors, but once fitted you cat tell the difference.


    Our Jaguar F Type carbon fibre Wing mirror covers can either be stuck on with strong weatherproof tape, or better still glued into place using bonding resin used for body parts or car windscreens, please ask for advice if you are unsure.


    Paramount – Jaguar F Type Tuning and Styling


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  • Jaguar E-Type V12 Exhaust System V12 Muffler

    Jaguar E-Type V12  Exhaust System / Jaguar E-Type V12  Exhaust Muffler

    High grade stainless steel Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust system exhaust and JaguarE-Type V12  mufflers made to order. Paramount offer an unrivalled range of Jaguar E-Type V12  Tuning parts, Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust systems and exhaust mufflers for the complete range of Jaguar cars, including the Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust system.   

    The Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust system sound, look, finish can all be custom tailored for the desired result, all of our Jaguar E-Type V12 exhaust systems come with a life time corrosion warranty too 

    How your Jaguar E-Type V12  should have looked and sounded the first time you drove it!

    Performance and stainless steel Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust systems and Jaguar E-Type V12  mufflers are available for all Jaguar cars and models if you are not sure, or if you don’t see what you are looking for please e-mail us – we are here to help. 

    Paramount the home of the custom performance Jaguar E-Type V12  exhaust system, Jaguar E-Type V12 exhaust mufflers and Jaguar E-Type V12 tuning parts 




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  • Jaguar E-Type Wire Wheels

    Jaguar E-Type Wire Wheels


    Jaguar E-Type Wire Wheels from Paramount Performance. Paramount can supply stunning replica Jaguar E-Type wire wheels that look every bit as good as the factory originals when they were new. Its pretty much impossible to tell these wheels from the OE part supplied by Jaguar…. read more…

  • Jaguar F Type Predator Bumper

    Jaguar F Type Project Predator Front Bumper kit

    Full front bumper for the Jaguar F Type from the Predator tuning and styling range, the large side grilles really give the Jaguar F Type a sportier and meaner look, and the large uninterrupted front grille completes the look. Side sills and rear V6 and V8 diffusers are also available.

    Please Be Aware – This is a large item and is not covered by our normal shipping prices – for none UK customers please contact us for a shipping quote

    This very high-quality item replaced the full front bumper of the Jaguar F type, Our Jaguar F Type project predator style bumper is suitable for both the V8 and V6 F-Type and comes complete with the 3-piece grille set Supplied unpainted, fitting and painting can be carried out at our workshop in the UK, or we can arrange door to door shipping worldwide (tax-free subject to location)

    Our Jaguar F Type Project Predator front bumper fits the exact fittings and mounting of the stock original bumper of your F Type, the headlight washers can all be transferred over to the new bumper as part of the fitting. Please be aware that fitting is a professional body shop job though.

    Also please note the Paramount Jaguar F Type Project Predator bumper does not come standard with parking sensor mounts, but your body shop can fit them into the grilles if required.

    A carbon fibre front splitter is also available as well as our other stunning carbon fibre body parts to complete the look to go with your Jaguar F Type Project Predator bumper, as is the Paramount Performance Jaguar F Type carbon fibre dashboard

    Please ask for details enquire now

    (Please also note the picture of the black Jaguar F Type shown is a customers car, he has chosen to fit an original Jaguar F Type SVR lower splitter, we do not make this part, it is a genuine Jaguar part though we can supply it if required, as can your local Jaguar dealer)

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