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  • Jaguar XE Diffuser & twin exhaust conversion

    Jaguar XE Diffuser and twin exhaust conversion

    If you are feeling all a bit one-sided, and un-sporty, we can help, turn your single Jaguar XE exhaust, into a much more sporty twin exit exhaust conversion.

    Incorporating our lovely high-quality Jaguar XE Diffuser, this rear conversion really makes your Diesel XE stand out from the crowd.

    Kits include the real high-quality carbon fibre XE diffuser, and rear exhaust section to give a much-improved look, parts are supplied mail order, of fitting, can be arranged too.

    Just ask Paramount, home to all your Jaguar XE tuning and Jaguar styling parts

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  • Jaguar XF / XE Gearbox Tuning TUC

    Jaguar XE/XF Automatic Gearbox Tuning 

    Jaguar XE gearbox and Jaguar XF gearbox tuning and remapping – mail order and worldwide service

    The Paramount Jaguar gearbox tuning will improve both the gearbox shift speed and the torque delivered from the Jaguar automatic ZF gearbox.

    Offering significant improvements in 0-6 times, ¼ mile time and speed – available with worldwide mail order, and driver self-tuning device – anywhere any time.

    If you have any particular needs for your Jaguar, please call us for further information


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  • Jaguar XE Supercharger pulley crank – Larger pulley V6

    Jaguar XE Supercharger pulley crank – Larger Jaguar XE V6 3.0 Supercharger pulley kit.

    Jaguar XE supercharger pulley manufactured by Paramount Performance, exclusively for our services, the Paramount Jaguar XE V6 Supercharger pulley crank kit. This larger Jaguar XE supercharger pulley boosts the performance the Jaguar XE V6 engine, improving throttle response, acceleration and pull across the rev range. The Paramount larger Jaguar XE supercharger crank pulley fits V6 engine and is 15% larger than the standard Jaguar part, taking the Eaton supercharger to 17,500rpm, still a good safe 500 rpm lower than the max suggested rpm. But delightfully more than the standard set up. 

    Please be aware the Paramount Jaguar XE lower crank pulley should not be fitted on its own, due to the additional air flow created, the vehicles ecu must be remapped and tuned with our software to adjust fuelling, when combined these Paramount upgrades can increase power by up to 80bhp

    Jaguar XE supercharger pulley

    Jaguar XE supercharger pulley, shown with the Paramount Intercooler

    Mail order and international sales are available and can be tax free too depending on your location. A full fitting and tuning service is also available at our UK workshops. please call us for more information on your Jaguar XE tuning or upgrades, mail us at


  • Jaguar XE 2015 Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit

    Jaguar XE 2015> Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit/ Flex Hoses

    Paramount Performance working closely with our trading partner HEL hose solutions has developed a brake hose kit for Jaguar XE models 2015>

    This is the first off the shelf kit to be offered in the UK

    Stainless steel braided hoses have the following benefits:

    • Smoother & Stronger Braking
    • Eliminate That Spongey Pedal Feeling
    • Sharper and More Responsive Braking
    • More Reliable Braking System
    • Race Proven Technology
    • Lifetime Warranty

    When ordering please choose from the following colour chart:


    Paramount Performance can offer a brake line fitting service along with brake fluid replacement to the highest performance DOT 5.1 fluid in vehicles that require DOT 3 or DOT 4 as a standard.

    Contact us for more details on our fitting service on 01789 774444 or

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