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  • Jaguar XE Side Skirts – Carbon fibre

    Side skirts/body kit Jaguar XE – Jaguar XE carbon fibre side skirts

    A pair of really lovely high-quality Jaguar XE side skirts, this pair of side skirts are made from carbon fibre and finished in super high gloss.

    Our Jaguar XE side skirts look great, sporty and mean, and great value too, our XE side skirts can be supplied as a pair on their own, or combined with our other Jaguar XE tuning and styling items to form a carbon fibre body kit.

    Our Jaguar XE side skirts or sills are available mail order with tax-free shipping ( subject to location) or we can offer fitting and installation for you at our workshop in the UK.

    Paramount, home to all your Jaguar XE tuning and styling parts

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  • Jaguar XF / XE Gearbox Tuning TUC

    Jaguar XE/XF Automatic Gearbox Tuning 

    Jaguar XE gearbox and Jaguar XF gearbox tuning and remapping – mail order and worldwide service

    The Paramount Jaguar gearbox tuning will improve both the gearbox shift speed and the torque delivered from the Jaguar automatic ZF gearbox.

    Offering significant improvements in 0-6 times, ¼ mile time and speed – available with worldwide mail order, and driver self-tuning device – anywhere any time.

    If you have any particular needs for your Jaguar, please call us for further information


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  • Jaguar XE 3.0 V6 Tuning and Remapping

    Jaguar XE 3.0 V6 Tuning and Remapping

    Jaguar XE 3.0 V6 Tuning and Remapping by Paramount Performance. The UK’s oldest Jaguar tuning and styling house. Paramount operate and support a number of tuning locations across the UK and around the world. If you Jaguar tuning is going to be at Paramount workshop and offices, it can include custom dyno tuning. And also live remapping to your Jaguar XE

    Our Jaguar XE tuning is completely custom, with each XE tune being written live to your vehicle based on your car, your driving habits and any modifications to your Jaguar.

    Paramount operate the very latest range of car tuning and remap software and our dedicated team of car tuning engineers have years of experience working in the prestige and Jaguar car tuning arena.


  • Jaguar XE Diffuser & twin exhaust conversion

    Jaguar XE Diffuser and twin exhaust conversion

    If you are feeling all a bit one-sided, and un-sporty, we can help, turn your single Jaguar XE exhaust, into a much more sporty twin exit exhaust conversion.

    Incorporating our lovely high-quality Jaguar XE Diffuser, this rear conversion really makes your Diesel XE stand out from the crowd.

    Kits include the real high-quality carbon fibre XE diffuser, and rear exhaust section to give a much-improved look, parts are supplied mail order, of fitting, can be arranged too.

    Just ask Paramount, home to all your Jaguar XE tuning and Jaguar styling parts

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