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  • Jaguar XF 4.2 Catalytic Converters (Pair)

    High-Performance Jaguar XF 4.2 Catalytic Converters (Pair)

    Standard Jaguar catalytic converters have 600 cells per square inch, these original standard cats can be very restrictive in their gas flow. Paramount has developed exclusive 200 cell Jaguar XF Catalytic Converters. These Performance Jaguar racing cats are integrated into a large-bore downpipe, they reduce back pressure substantially and increase flow rates, they are particularly effective on Jaguar Supercharged engines.

    When combined with other Paramount Performance Jaguar XF tuning parts these high performance Jaguar XF 4.2 Catalytic Converters can push the Jaguar 4.2 XF past 460bhp. emission levels remain fully road and MOT legal. Performance Jaguar XF 4.2 Catalytic Converters Cats work exceptionally well on re-mapped (chip tuned) engines. Power increase 22-25 bhp in mid-range.

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  • Jaguar Exhaust Tuning – Burble Activation

    Jaguar Exhaust Tuning – Burble Activation

    What your Jaguar XJR or Jaguar XF to sound more like a Jaguar F Type with burbles and overrun popping?

    Paramount can tune your software to the exact same level as Jaguar use on the original F type exhaust software, burble activation and growl on overrun and between gear changes

    Paramounts Jaguar exhaust tuning software can be combined with additional changes such as performance tuning, speed limiter de-activation, etc.

    Have your Jaguar set up and tuned the way you want it, not the way it comes.

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  • Jaguar XF and XJ Speed limiter removal

    Jaguar XF Speed limiter removal and Jaguar XJ Speed Limiter removal

    Jaguar speed limiter deactivation, speed limiter removal or resetting to your choice of limit

    The deactivation of your Jaguar Speed limiter can be combined with a performance tune at the same time, and for no additional cost, or carried out on it own as a unique service, the choice is yours

    Paramount Performance is the home for all your Jaguar XF and XJ tuning and performance parts

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  • Jaguar XF De-cat pipes (pair)

    High-Performance Jaguar XF 5.0 De-cat pipes

    Remove that Catalytic Converters from your Jaguar XF with these hand made de-cat pipes, available for the 4.2 and 5.0 XF engines, please confirm engine size and year of car when ordering

    De-cat tuning and ECU remap are also available but not included with the sale of the de-cat pipes – please ask if you need any help

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