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Jaguar XFR Tyres Pirelli P Zero 285/30/R20 (Jaguar XKF Rear Tyres)

Jaguar XFR Tyres  Pirelli P Zero 285/30/R20 (Jaguar XKF Rear Tyres)

Jaguar XF Tyres – Pirelli P Zero 285/30/R20 - Jaguar XKF Rear Tyres

The Pirelli P Zero was fitted as standard to the rear of a Jaguar XKF. The Pirelli P Zero 285/30/R20 as fitted to the Jaguar XF rear has an asymmetric profile, and has been designed specifically for sports cars and mid-range cars just like your XFR. The Jaguar XKF Pirelli P Zero provides great grip on roads in summer and ultimate handling and stability, just what you need on the back of your Jaguar XFR when its been tweaked by us here at Paramount. If you like to drive your XF at higher speeds, the Jaguar fitted Pirelli P Zero really delivers due to the three ditched profile that gives great traction and performance – that’s why it comes as standard on your XF from the factory. If you want to move away from the standard fitted Jaguar XFR Pirelli P Zero tyre, we can offer a range of alternative Jaguar tyres, mail us if we can help with anything.

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