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  • Jaguar XF 5.0 Catalytic Converters (Pair)

    High Performance Jaguar XF 5.0 Catalytic Converters (Pair)   

    Jaguar XF 5.0 Catalytic Converters (Pair). Standard Jaguar catalytic converters have 600 cells per square inch. So the original standard cats can be very restrictive in their gas flow and hold back Performance. Paramount Performance have developed exclusive 200 cell, high performance Jaguar XF Catalytic Converters… see more…


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  • Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Tuning ECU Remapping.

     Jaguar XF Tuning – For the Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 

    Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Tuning and remapping an be carried out by Paramount Performance at many locations across the UK and around the world, we also have a hand held device we can send to you if you cant get to us.


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  • Jaguar XF Lowering Springs – 30 mm Jaguar XF Lowering springs 3.0

    Jaguar XF Lowering Springs (set of 4) – 30 mm Jaguar XF Lowering springs 3.0 From Years: 03.08 –

    Jaguar XF Lowering springs are perfect for track day and every day road, these Jaguar XF lowering and handling springs dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance, without introducing a “bone shaking” ride quality. Our Jaguar XF lowering springs lower your Jaguar XF centre of gravity reducing squat during acceleration and body roll when rendering, Paramounts Jaguar XF lowering springs offer Top-Performance Handling, lower centre of gravity, and progressive spring design and function.

    Paramount Performance for all your Jaguar XF lowering springs, tuning and performance exhaust systems

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  • Jaguar XF Exhaust Rear Boxes

    Jaguar XF V6 Exhaust Rear Boxes

    These lovely Jaguar XF V6 exhaust rear boxes are hand made in the Uk from stainless steel, the sound is deep and meaningful, with extra burble, but not over the top boy racer!

    The Paramount Jaguar XF V6 exhaust rear boxes look great too, with quad tips, the Jaguar XF V6 Exhaust is made from stainless steel, so not only will it always sound great, but will last a lifetime too

    Paramount can offer this Jaguar XF V6 Exhaust in mail order format, shipped worldwide, or if you are in the UK, why not book in for a fitting and get a free health check at the same time

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