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Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 2.5 Diesel High Performance Panel Air Filter

Gain extra power and response from your L200 2.5D by fitting a high flow air filter in place of the standard paper filter.

Air flow into the engine is increased by up to 35% and with only routine cleaning you will never need to purchase another filter, saving you money.

Price: 45.00

Mitsubishi L200 Plug and Play Performance or Economy Tuning Box

If you are looking for a way to improve either the fuel economy or the power output of your Mitsubishi L200 without the hassle of a full remap then our plug and play tuning box is the answer.

Independently tested to give either fuel saving or performance gains this device can be easily fitted with no major work involved.

Increased torque improves pulling capacity and overall driveability, a great advantage when carrying or towing heavy loads, achieveable with a performance setting on the unit whereas up to 8% fuel saving can be seen with an economy setting.

Call us on (+44) 01789 774444 to discuss availability of a unit for your vehicle or email

The unit can be shipped for home fitting or fitted free of charge at our head office in Bidford On Avon Warwickshire

Price: 299.00

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