Land Rover Defender


Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage Exterior

Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage Exterior

Full Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage 

Defender 90 roll cage welded and fabricated 3mm structurally fabricated and chassis mounted. Supplied and fitted. 

Paramount supply and fit only the very best, the Land Rover 90 roll cages are custom fabricated and fully structural, not bolt together, but welded and fabricated onto the eternal of the vehicle. The range of defender 90 roll cages are available in a couple of different formats, with or without rear window diagonal braces and with additional diagonal bars across the roof offering almost over the top ultra-strong roll bar protection for you and your Land Rover

Whilst typically suppled in power-coated, matt black or gloss back, powder coating can be suppled in almost any colour, so feel free to let your artistic side out and make a statement with colour coordinated land rover defender 90 roll cages from Paramount Performance   

This Defender 90 Roll cage is mounted and fitted onto the vehilce supplied and fitted. If you are looking for a mail order cage, we can also supply a range of bolt togther cages more suitable for shipping. Please ask for details   

Price: 1750.00

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