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  • Land Rover Defender Front Grille Kit, Land Rover Defender restoration

    Land Rover Defender Front Grille Kit – Land Rover Defender restoration specialists  

    Land Rover Defender grille in gloss black with Defender head lamp surround kit. The SVX Land Rover Defender was a 60th anniversary special edition, and the grille style has become very popular to fit the other Land Rover Defenders. This Land Rover Defender Front Grille is made from strong, durable ABS plastic just like the original SVX grille.

    The Land Rover Defender Front Grille fitting is straight forward, and is compatible with the standard defender lights, though we can also supply the popular Defender LED headlights and light sets – please ask for details. This Land Rover Defender Front Grille is designed to fit Defenders 2007 onwards, but will also fit all earlier models with a little bit of trimming and adjustment of the grille around the radiator mountings.

    Our Land Rover Defender Front Grille is suitable for Land Rover: Defender 1989-2006, with some slight trimming of grille, or is a direct replacement on Defender 2007 onwards.

    Fitting can be arrange for you at our workshops, and Silver Land Rover Defender Gilles are also available.

    Paramount the Land Rover Defender restoration specialists  

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  • Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage Exterior

    Full Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage


    Land Rover Defender 90 roll cage welded and fabricated 3mm structurally fabricated and chassis mounted. Supplied and fitted.

    Paramount supply and fit only the very best, the Land Rover 90 roll cages are custom fabricated and fully structural, not bolt together, but welded and fabricated onto the eternal of the vehicle. The range of defender 90 roll cages are available in a couple of different formats, with or without rear window diagonal braces and with additional diagonal bars across the roof offering almost over the top ultra-strong roll bar protection for you and your Land Rover Defender

    Whilst typically suppled in power-coated, matt black or gloss back, powder coating can be supplied in almost any colour, so feel free to let your artistic side out and make a statement with colour coordinated land rover defender 90 roll cages from Paramount Performance

    This Defender 90 Roll cage is mounted and fitted onto the vehicle supplied and fitted. If you are looking for a mail-order cage, we can also supply a range of bolt together cages more suitable for shipping. Please ask for details

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  • Land Rover Defender 110 Soundproof Defender Soundproofing kit

    Land Rover Defender 110 Soundproof, Defender Soundproofing  interior kit

    Land Rover Defender 110 Soundproof, is it time to soundproof your Land Rover Defender 110?  Defenders are great fun on or off-road. But, the amount of interior cabin noise can be a real distraction, especially on longer journeys. The interior fittings and trim of the Land Rover Defender are minimalistic at best, it can lead to the amount of road noise is more than noticeable. Adding sound-deadening to your Land Rover Defender will add some luxury to the vehicle. And some much-needed reduction in cabin noise.

    This kit includes 20 sheets of high-quality self-adhesive soundproof and sound deadening material.

    Land Rover Defender Soundproofing and sound deadening material

    Land Rover Defender Soundproofing and sound deadening material

    Land Rover Defender Sound Proofing does not stop all of the external and mechanical noise. It will help to reduce it considerably. Which makes for an altogether much more comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

    Paramount also offer a full Land Rover Defender 110 Sound Proof installation service. So if you want us to undertake your Defender Soundproofing, just let us know, we will be happy to help.

    Worldwide shipping available and tax-free sales are available outside of the UK. Paramount also offer all elements of Land Rover Defender upgrades, parts, service, repair and restoration. Paint and bodywork, Interior, engine and mechanical work. And all other elements of restoration. We also offer import-export of new and used parts and complete vehicles.

    If your soundproofing is part of a bigger project don’t forget to check our store of other items you are looking for, and if you don’t see what you need. Send us a message and we will be happy to help


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  • Land Rover Defender Bonnet Hinges Black, Set of 2

    Land Rover Defender Bonnet Hinges  Black, Set of 2 

    These black alluminium Land Rover defender bonnet hinges make for a very strong look to the bonnet attachment mechanism on your Defender, whilst removing another area of potential rust on your Defender at the same time. Strong and lightweight Land Rover defender bonnet hinges allow for full movement of the bonnet whilst reducing a little pivot weigth on the unit. Available in Black, although they can be repainted by any professional paint shop prior to fitting, these Land Rover defender bonnet hinges really set off the look of any defender they are fitted to.

    These Land Rover Defender Bonnet hinges look amazing on our Land Rover Defender carbon fibre bonnet  

    With full workshop facilities and highly experienced trained technicians, whatever Land Rover Defender services or Land Rover Defender restoraion support you are looking for – you have found the right team.

    Land Rover Defender import and export service available, including worldwide shipping service of parts and complete Land Rover Defenders  

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