Land Rover Defender


Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tyres

Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tyres

Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tyres  

Paramount can supply a range of wheels and tyres for the Land Rover Defender,  wheels can be supplied on their own, or with a range of tyre options, on road, off road or a good all round mixed tyre like the Cooper Discovery shown here - Prices here is the wheel and tyre package for 5 wheels. 

Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tyres are availble mail order or with a flull suppply and fitted service, Defender wheels are also available on their own (no tyres) which can be much more cost effective if shipping  

With full workshop facilities and highly experienced trained technicians, whatever Land Rover Defender services you are looking for – you have found the right team.

Land Rover Defender import and export service available, including worldwide shipping service  

Price: 1450.00

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