Land Rover Defender


Land Rover Defender Sound Proof 90 Defender Soundproofing kit

Land Rover Defender Sound Proof 90 Defender Soundproofing kit

Land Rover Defender Sound Proof 90. Defender Soundproofing of interior kit

is it time to sound proof your Land Rover Defender ? Defenders are great utilitarian vehicles, they are unstopable and great fun, but yoiu already know that! But you also know how noisy they are,. The fittings and finish of a Defender is minimalistic at best, making noise transfere very evident.  Adding sound deadening to your Land Rover Defender will add some luxury to the vehicle and some much needed reduction in cabin noise.

Whilst Land Rover Defender Sound Proofing will not remove all extrenal and mechanical noise, it will really help to reduce road noise, wind noise, engine and drivetrain noise. All of which makes for a much more comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

Paramount also offer a full Land Rover Defender Sound Proof  insterllation service, so if you want us to undertake your Defender Soundproofing, just let us know, we will be happy to help

Worldwide shipping available and tax free sales available outside of the EU – We offer all elements of Land Rover Defender upgrades, parts, service, repair and restoration. Paint and body work, Interior, engine and mechanical work, and all other elements of restoration. We also offer import export of new and used parts and complete vehicles.

If your purchase is part of a bigger project don’t forget to check our store of other items you are looking for, and if you don’t see what you need – send us a message – we will be happy to help  

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