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Land Rover and Range Rover Tuning, Performance Upgrades and Accessories


Paramount Performance has been the name synonymous with high-performance tuning solutions for prestige motoring for the past three decades. Paramount is now very pleased to offer an extensive range of 4x4 performance and styling options.


Paramount Performance's 4x4 tuning, 4x4 performance upgrades and 4x4 accessories are available for most modern 4x4 vehicles. From full vehicle conversions personally tailored with the individual in mind to single performance and styling components manufactured to the highest standards.

Paramount has a full range of Range Rover Tuning and  accessories, including wheels, Power tuning, Economy tuning and ECU remapping, and performance exhaust systems, and air induction kits, styling, wrapping and window tinting these include :

Land Rover / Range Rover Performance Exhausts 4.2 and 5.0

Range Rover TDv8 Tuning and exhaust systems
Range Rover Body Styling and 4x4 wheels
Range Rover Tuning - ECU remapping
Range Rover Sport supercharger upgrades


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Land Rover Range Rover 5.0 V8 Performance Upgrade Package and ECU Tuning

With worldwide recognition for its off-road capabilities the Range Rover is possibly one the greatest vehicles ever made. But at Paramount Performance we can make your Range Rover 5.0 V8 even better.

We offer a complete performance upgrade package for the Range Rover 5.0 V8 Supercharged to improve throttle response and increase torque and horsepower.

A new pair of Range Rover 5.0 high-flow air filters gives great gains while maintaining the original look in the V8 engine bay, a supercharger pulley upgrade allows the Range Rover supercharger to spool faster giving more immediate throttle response and the Range Rover exhaust system is replaced to give a deeper and sportier V8 exhaust note and further adding to the power gains.

We then utilise a Range Rover performance remap from Viezu Technologies to tune your Range Rover 5.0 V8 ECU, optimising the increase in performance while making the V8 power delivery smooth and at the same time if you require it we can remove the limiter.

Choose the best… Choose Paramount Performance!

Prices from £1895 + VAT  (mail order package)

If you want the total tuning solution for your Range Rover 5.0 V8 Paramount Performance offer suspension, brake and other performance upgrades. Contact us for more details.

Price: 1895.00

Range Rover Tuning 5.0 V8 Performance Package 

Want the very best in Range Rover Tuning - You just found it! The very simple combination of Paramount Performance Range Rover tuning and ecu remapping, and the Paramount Performance Range Rover Supercharger pulley upgrade, simple and very very effective 

Transform your 3tn of stylish Range Rover into a supercar by adding another 75bhp, and over 150Nm torque. It will pull through the rev range like a supercar, and the power just keeps coming, super fats and powerful, yet ultimately reliable and useable every day

The Paramount Range Rover tuning package is available through worldwide mail order, and in the UK we offer a full fitting service too, including 4x4 dyno testing  – please ask for a quote if you would like us to install your tuning upgrades

Range Rover tuning and styling from Paramount Performance

Price: 898.00

Let us show you

what we can do for your car
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