• McLaren 570 Tuning and ECU Remapping

    McLaren 570s Tuning and Remapping

    Custom and bespoke McLaren 570 tuning and remapping form Paramount Performance. offering an additional 70bhp from the Paramount McLaren 570s tuning and ecu remapping. Paramount write all their McLaren 570 tuning software live on a rolling road, so you get to see the full details and performance delivered.

    The Paramount Performance McLaren 570 tuning software is written, developed and tested on their state of the art 3000bhp 4×4 dyno. The 570s tuning software can be tailored to specific driver requirements as well as additional modifications, like the Performance McLaren 570s exhaust system, and / or de-cat pipes.

    The Paramount McLaren 570s engine tuning and ecu remapping comes with before and after dyno testing, custom tuning file creation and testing. Worldwide 570s tuning service available via mail order, please ask for details.

    McLaren 570s exhaust systems and air filters are also available