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McLaren 650s Tuning and Remapping

Paramount Performance offer custom and bespoke McLaren 650s tuning and ecu remapping.  The Paramount McLaren 650s tuning and ecu remapping software is written live in house, the 650s tuning software is developed in house on the Paramount rolling road, so you get to see the full process, tuning and details of the additional performance delivered.

The Paramount Performance McLaren 650s tuning takes place on a 3000bhp 4x4 dyno, its written live so the team can adjust your 650s tuning software, tailoring it to your specific requirements, and additional modifications, like a performance McLaren 650s exhaust system, and / or de-cat pipes.

The Paramount McLaren 650s tuning and remapping comes with before and after dyno testing, custom tuning file creation and testing. Worldwide 650s tuning service available via mail order, please ask for details. As well as full UK wide collection and delivery service.  

Performance McLaren 650s exhaust systems and air filters are also available

Price: 995.00

McLaren 650 De-cat pipes / Cat by pass pipe

From IPE exhausts we offer the McLaren 650s exhaust De-cat pipes, or cat by-pass manufactured in high quality stainless steel, Paramount offer a full fitting service of the McLaren 650s de-cat pipes at our workshops in Stratford Upon Avon, (please ask for a quote) we also offer bespoke tuning and ecu remapping for McLaren's too.  We can also supply supply these 650s De-cat pipes Cat By pass pipes mail order with international shipping 

If you have any questions regarding our McLaren 650s de-cat pipes, 650s exhaust systems or tuning please drop us a mail to      

Price: 2160.00

McLaren 650s Exhaust system from IPE

McLaren 650s Exhaust system manufactured in high grade stainless steel, includes integrated ceramic coated tips, Paramount offer both mail order McLaren 650s Exhaust systems, and also a full Uk fitting service, the choice is yours, if you would like us to fit you McLaren 650s Exhaust system please let us know so we can arrange a quote for you. McLaren 650s Tuning and remapping can be arranged as well.   

If you have any questions regarding the IPE McLaren 650 exhaust system or tuning please drop us a mail to      

Price: 3000.00

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