• Mercedes A45 AMG Tuning and Remapping Box

    Mercedes A45 AMG Tuning and Remapping Box   – Home and mail order tuning  

    Paramount Performance already have an amazing range of Mercedes and remapping services, Mercedes A45 AMG tuning is not available through the OBD port though and so we offer our amazing simple plug in Mercedes A45 AMG tuning  solution, don’t confuse the easy plug in nature of this tuning box with cheap or simple technology though .

    We can tune your Mercedes A45 AGM  where ever you are! – because we load the specific software for your A45 here before we send it to you. We offer free fitting at paramount, but the system is very easy to install and we send out our A45 AMG tuning systems with full easy to follow instructions

    Our brand new driver installed A45 AMG tuning  system enables you to plug in and tune your Mercedes A45 tuning  where ever you are in the world, and at service time you simply unplug it and leave it at home for the day.

    The Mercedes A45 AMG  tuning is really very impressive, another 45-50 bhp just waiting to be plugged in to your A45, huge power, better throttle response and midrange power is dramatically improved – its not subtle and is suitable for the home tuning and installation of your Mercedes A45 AMG.

    So confident are we if you are not delight – simply return the unit in its original packing for a full refund for up to 30 days

    Drive, test, enjoy or return!  


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