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Mercedes C63 AMG Tuning - Performance Tuning, Exhaust and ECU Remapping Package

Mercedes C63 AMG Tuning - Performance Tuning, Exhaust and ECU Remapping Package

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG ECU Remap and Tuning Parts Performance Upgrade Package.

Let our specialists at Paramount Performance bring out the best from your Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

The V8 engine in this vehicle has already undergone a certain level of tuning from the AMG stable but at Paramount we go a step further. With highest quality performance components and innovative tuning from Viezu Technologies we can improve not only peak power but overall driveability of your C63 AMG Mercedes Benz.

Our C63 performance package incorporates a pair of high performance air filters to increase air flow into the Mercedes engine, a stainless steel exhaust system from one of the leading exhaust manufacturers will not only improve power but give a very distinct sound and 200 cell sports catalytic converters with secondary cat bypass pipes dramatically improve air flow through the exhaust. All of this combined with a remap and speed limiter deactivation from Viezu Technologies really ties together this performance package and makes your C63 come to life.

See a video of Mercedes Benz C63 AMG on our dyno by clicking here.

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Prices from £4900 (mail order).

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If you want the total package for your vehicle Paramount Performance offer suspension, brake and other performance upgrades.  Contact our technical team for more details.

Price: 4900.00

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