OBD Protector - Anti OBD Port hacking device

OBD Protector - Anti OBD Port hacking device
OBD Protector - Anti OBD Port hacking

OBD Protect is a cost effective solution to stop theft of vehicles though OBD port technology, often call car hacking or obd hacking. This type of car theft and car hacking is becoming quite common; car theft just got clever an a lot more sophisticated.

The days of smashing windows and attaching the ignition with a screw driver are long over, these days car thieves use lap-tops and software that plug into the cars OBD port to ‘hack’ the imobilisers, alarm and ECU. This type of software and hacking devices are acquired on the internet, and there are even videos on how to operate them and steal cars.
Armed with OBD hacking software a thief can drive your vehicle away in less than a minute. But that is not all, these days your car holds untold personal and sensitive information, for example address details and journey logs stored in the sat nav, and phone numbers that are automatically downloaded when your phone is docked to your car.
OBD Protect is a Thatcham Quality Assured device that comes with a 3-year warranty and OBD port locking / authorisation cards. There are no subscriptions or ongoing costs after purchase, and no hard-wiring is required during installation so it doesn’t invalidate vehicle warranty.

Take charge of your car, your data and stop theft, lock your OBD port now.

The Price quoted includes fitting and installation. If you are not a UK customer please mail us for further details on fitting options

Price: £299.00

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