Jaguar F Type


One-piece Jaguar F-Type Front Grille

One-piece Jaguar F-Type Front Grille

One-piece Jaguar F-Type Front Grille - F Type Project Predator Full Open Grille and Surround 


Project Predator one-piece Jaguar F-Type front centre grill, fits all Jaguar F Type models, giving a much meaner cleaner look, loose that number plate and mid beam with the Paramount Performance Jaguar F-Type front grille


This item replaces the standard grille with a one-piece item that uses the same standard factory fittings. Please be aware the bumper does have to be removed to fit this grille which is not really a fit at home job.


Fitting is not difficult and can be completed in around 3 hrs by any competent mechanic or body shop, but our one-piece Jaguar F-Type front grille is not ideal for home fitting unless you are confident around cars. The grille is supplied in matt plastic as it comes out of the mould, it can be fitted like this, but really this item should be painted before fitting for a complete finished look. Again, this really would be a body shop fit.


This one-piece Jaguar F-Type front grille is made by Paramount, exclusively for Paramount, fitting can be carried out at our workshop in the UK, or we can arrange door to door shipping worldwide (tax-free subject to location) There can be up to a 4 week delivery time for this item

Price: 380.00

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