, Performance Exhaust Systems

Paramount Performance is renowned as a specialised Performance Exhaust System and Catalytic Converter dealer. We can supply and fit an extensive range of performance exhaust systems for most cars

Classic and restoration

Our range of exhaust systems include a stunning selection of hand-made exhaust manifolds, headers, systems and mufflers for a huge range of classic cars, systems can be produced to exactly match the original exhaust for those looking for a complete reproduction, or can be tailored for modification or sound preference.

Modern and High Performance :

We work with the world’s leading exhaust suppliers to give you the very best in choice, covering many hundreds of modern cars and supercars.

With over 3000 stainless steel exhausts systems, exhaust mufflers and catalytic converters at our disposal we can normally accommodate your preference for sound, performance and styling from your exhaust system and muffler.

We can offer fitting in the UK, and worldwide shipping on all of our exhaust systems too

There are simply to many to list in our shop, only our biggest selling system are show in the online shop

A larger list is here for you to view

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