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  • Porsche Panamera Turbo Tuning and Porsche Panamera Turbo Remapping

    Porsche Panamera Turbo Tuning and Porsche Panamera Turbo Remapping

    Paramount Performance offer a full range of custom Porsche Panamera Turbo Tuning, our Panamera Turbo tuning can be carried out at our head office with full dyno and rolling road testing facilities.

    The Porsche Panamera turbo tuning is completely custom, with each Porsche Panamera Turbo tuning software being written live to your vehicle, you are welcome to wait and see the tuning being carried out, and we can take account of any modifications or specific requirements, like track day tuning, fuel economy etc.

    Our Porsche Panamera turbo tuning will give you a great increase in power and performance and much improved throttle response, the Paramount team is on hand to help with any questions concerning the tuning of your Panamera   



  • Porsche Panamera Tuning and Porsche Panamera Remap Tuning ECU Remapping

    Porsche Panamera Tuning and Porsche Panamera Remap Tuning

    Porsche Panamera Tuning and Porsche Panamera Remapping can be carried out by Paramount Performance at many locations across the UK and around the world. 

    Our Porsche Panamera tuning and Porsche Panamera remapping is completely custom, with each Porsche Panamera remap being written live to your vehicle, the Porsche Panamera tuning can take account of your Porsche Panamera modifications, i.e . Paramount Porsche Panamera performance exhaust systems, or sports catalytic convertors as well as your driving requirements and fuel grade.

    Paramount operate the very latest range of car tuning and remap software and our dedicated team of car tuning engineers have years of experience working in the prestige and porsche arena.

    Porsche Panamera tuning and Porsche Panamera ECU remapping gives a power increase with significantly better throttle response, full custom chip tuning and live rolling road testing and tuning for your Porsche Panamera is available to at any many locations – please ask for details.

    Paramount Performance the home for all your Porsche Panamera and Porsche Panamera and performance parts  



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  • Porsche Panamera Wheel Spacers 15mm (also in 10mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/ 50mm each side)

    Porsche Panamera  Wheel Spacers 15mm (also in 10mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/ 50mm each side)  

    These high-quality Porsche Panamera wheel spacers really help fill the arches, giving a fuller, more beefed up look, and all-around better stance and presents. Our Porsche Panamera wheel spacers are easy to fit and install, full instructions are included, these Porsche Panamera Wheel spacers are the full bolt-on wheel spacers, not just the cheap pack out spacers that can stress the wheel hubs and bolts.

    Paramount Performance – For all your Porsche Panamera wheel spacers, Porsche Panamera   tuning, and Porsche Panamera   exhaust systems

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  • Porsche Performance Engine Tuning – ECU Remapping.

    Porsche Performance Tuning – ECU Remapping Turbo and N/a Engines covered.

    Performance ECU Remapping – How your Porsche should have performed the first time you drove it

    Porsche engine tuning and ECU remapping can deliver stunning results transforming power delivery, throttle response, sound and performance delivery through the transmission systems. Most Porsche ECU remapping and engine tuning can be carried out quickly and easily through the diagnostic port, the work is guaranteed and insured and will deliver stunning results.

    Depending upon location you before and after dyno sessions can be included – please ask for details.


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