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Range Rover 4.2 Catalytic Convertors 200 Cell Cats

Range Rover 4.2 Catalytic Convertors 200 Cell Cats

Range Rover 4.2 Catalytic Convertors – Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue 200 Cell Cats


Range Rover 4.2 Catalytic Convertors are custom and unique to Paramount Performance, our Range Rover 4.2 cell catalytic converters allow the exhaust gases to pass through quicker and with less resistance, boosting performance and the combustion process of your Range Rover engine


Our 200 cell Range Rover 4.2 catalytic convertors will boost mid-range power and performance by 25-28bhp, boosting throttle response and midrange power of your Range Rover.


These Range Rover 4.2 Catalytic Converters can be fitted on their own, or as part of our Range Rover full performance exhaust, or combined with Range Rover tuning and remapping.


Our Range Rover Catalytic Converters are available mail order with worldwide shipping or fitting in the UK at our Worcester based workshop.


See here for our full range of Range Rover tuning and remapping performance parts

Price: 1850.00

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