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2014/ 2019 Range Rover Tuning and Remapping

2014/ 2019 Range Rover Tuning and Remapping

2014/ 2019 Range Rover Tuning & Range Rover Remapping

Looking for tuning for your brand new 2014 - 2019 Range Rover - you have come to teh rght place

Here at Paramount we offer tuning and remapping of the brand new 2014 model Range Rover. Our Paramount Range Rover Tuning and Range Rover ECU Remapping can be carried out by Paramount Performance at many locations across the UK and around the world. 

We can alos offer Mobile insterllation for your Range Rover tuning and remapping too depending on your location - please let us know if we can help with this  

Our Range Rover engine tuning and Range Rover  remapping is custom writen for your Range Rover tunimg so its written live to your vehicle, our Paramount Range Rover tuning can take account of your needs, including Range Rover modifications,or upgrades you may have fitted, this mau incude Range Rover exhaust system, performance sports catalytic convertors, or one of our amazing Range Rover Supercharger pulley upgrades, as well as your driving requirements, use and fuel grade.

50-55bhp Range Rover 5.0 tuning is available, and seepd limiter removal too is also an option for you

The Paramount Range Rover remapping and Range Rover engine tuning will significantly increase power and performance as well as a great throttle response, full custom tuning and remapping on a rolling road for your Range Rover is also available to at any many locations – please let us know if this is of interest.


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