Triumph TR2 TR3 Exhaust System

Triumph TR2 TR3 Exhaust System

Triumph TR2 TR3 Exhaust System

High grade stainless steel Triumph TR2 TR3 Exhaust System, each of Paramount's classic stainless steel exhaust systems is handmade in the UK, they look and sound fantastic and being made from stainless steel, this Triumph TR2 / TR3 Exhaust System will last a lifetime too

The Paramount Triumph TR2 TR3 Exhaust Systems take around 2-3 weeks to be made, Paramount can then arrange worldwide shipping of your Triumph TR2 exhaust system, which can be tax free to many locations, or we can arrange fitting for you if you and your Triump are in the UK. 

Paramount also offer a pretty much full range of Triumph exhaust manifolds and headers. If you have any questions, or unsure if we have and exhaiust that is right for your classic Triumph please drop us a mail, or give us a call, we are on hand to help     

Price: 1195.00

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