Paramount Performance – Quintessential Automotive Styling with Viezu

Paramount Performance – Quintessential Automotive Styling with Viezu

Established in 1986, Paramount Performance the most prominent name in Jaguar Performance and Jaguar Styling. Definitive Jaguar conversions which remain highly prised and hunted today nearly 30 years on. Paramount Performance is the only name in Jaguar Performance and Styling. Forming a partnership with Viezu in 2012.

Paramount Performance has extended its styling over the years to Bentley, Range Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and other precious metals (or carbon fibre!)

Paramount Performance, a esteemed Company in automotive styling – its ethos surrounds ensuring that the external and interior style is matched with bhp performance and torque increased. Electronic vehicle tuning which is an excellent choice from modern vehicles including Jaguar electronic suspension upgrades ensures road handling is as exceptional as the styling.

Jaguar tuning and ECU remapping upgrade is delivered by renowned ECU Re-map programmers Viezu Technologies –

With a specially developed ECU program from Viezu Technologies the Jaguar 5ltr XKR has been endowed with a whopping 80bhp. Paramount Performance has electronically lowered suspension, fitted an alloy supercharger pulley, installed new and loud high grade stainless steel sports exhaust system and new aluminium wheels . This car has simply been transformed from an already powerful monster of a drive to an outright beast with the sexiest purr from the sports exhaust you can dare to imagine.

Over the last 10 years and have magnificently pooled resources to deliver contemporary Jaguar Styling and Performance outcomes. In short a bling-blast of a car now awaits. produces vehicle software for Toyota Lexus remaps, Porsche remaps, Mercedes Benz remaps, Ranger Rover and Land Rover remaps, BMW remaps, VW Audi remaps and in general speaking it must be noted that all of Viezu’s remaps are developed on a rolling road, which runs up to 3000 bhp. All Viezu tuning and remaps are emissions tested too so you can be confident your vehicle remains road legal. and collaboration is just about to heat up too, the bling-boost button is glowing red in the dark, a sneak-peak just for you, be careful who you tell though – say no more at this time. The Press has been circling this one for months don’t wait and see, see and wait.

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