Akrapovic Exhaust Systems now Available at Paramount Performance Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems now Available at Paramount

Paramount have long been associated with the finest things in automotive life, and now we can supply the finest exhaust systems available too. The Akrapovic exhaust range is second to none, the build quality and component manufacture really does have to be seen, felt and heard to be appreciated – there is no other exhaust system like it.

The Akrapovic exhaust company was born out of passion with no compromises! The Akrapovic exhaust vision was clear from the beginning, and they are now a modern prominent company of more than 13,000 m2 of production and commercial space and with 500 employees, manufacturing Akrapovic exhaust systems for customers who simply do not accept mistakes – the most demanding racing teams and drivers from around the world.


But the good news is the Akrapovic exhaust system range is not just the exclusive privilege of the factory teams and manufactures, but now available to everyone in stock and in store at Paramount Performance.

A car exhaust system looks simple at first glance. But a closer look shows that it is a complex system that has a significant effect on the performance of sports, and as cars have become more complex, so have the exhaust systems.

The experience Akrapovic have acquired over many years has taught them how to combine high performance, a long-life cycle and the lightest possible weight

Here are some of the most important facts about the Akrapovic exhaust systems:

Akrapovic exhausts: Lightweight

The titanium Akrapovic use for all their exhaust systems is produced exclusively for Akrapovic exhaust. It is three times stronger and is more heat resistant than any other titanium product on the market and 40% lighter than stainless steel. The high strength allows Akrapovic exhausts to use thinner insulation while still achieving the highest quality standards. In fact, this brings Akrapovic exhaust  clients the decisive advantage on the race track.

Akrapovic exhausts: Performance and quality

Akrapovic consider a new products to be ready for a production run, when they are convinced that they can created a cutting edge product. The Akrapovic exhaust goal is to make the perfect torque and the perfect power curve. The Akrapovic exhaust research and development department is provided with the latest equipment, so that they are able to combine their collective know-how obtained at many race tracks and even Formula 1, and apply it in practice.

The Akrapovic exhaust system range is extensive, if you really want the very finest exhaust system for your pride and joy, then join the Akrapovic exhaust team with their view – accept no compromise. Mail us at info@patamount-performance.com  for further information or see www.paramount-performance.com

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