Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remap by Paramount Performance

Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remapping by Paramount Performance

Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remapping developed by Paramount Performance; select an upgrade for fuel economy, power performance upgrade or a blend of both for your Audi R8.

Audi R8 Performance Tuning – ECU Remapping Audi R8 V8 and V10. Performance ECU Remapping – feel the difference, this is how your Audi R8   should have performed the first time you drove it.

Audi R8 chip-tuning and Audi R8 remapping includes the Audi R8 tdi for performance and fuel economy or a blend of power and performance, benefit from improved drivability and throttle response.

Audi R8 chip-tuning and Audi R8 remapping also includes petrol/gasoline tuning for higher performance, drivability and throttle response.

Our Audi R8 ECU remapping and chip-tuning delivers absolutely stunning results.  It is installed through the OBD port and can be done in less than one hour; but don’t be fooled, this is full Customised Tuning! See the difference, why not get involved by joining our Technicians and participate in your Audi R8 being chip-tuned/remapped live on a 3000bhp rolling road – a thoroughly rewarding experience and friends are welcome to join you.

Paramount Performance also offers a range of performance and styling upgrades for the Audi R8; a full range of customised sports exhaust systems, manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with polished detailing – these systems should be hung in the Tate Modern under a new category of Vehicular Bling and Awe.  Check our wheel spacers, custom made monogrammed luxury car covers to name just a few, visit for more details; or call +44 (0)1789 774444

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