Jaguar Run 2017: London to Eastbourne

Jaguar Run 2017: London to Eastbourne

The 19th Annual Run got underway on Sunday morning from The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich; ending on Eastbourne sea front – there great turn out and despite a little traffic close to London, we all got there in the end.

Breakfast on arrival and well received tea and coffee by all waiting to depart. Check out Mr & Mrs H below beside their glorious blue S-Type.

Mr & Mrs H with their lovely Jaguar S-Type

Mr & Mrs H with their lovely Jaguar S-Type

We were blessed with a day of sunshine and no rain which made car spotting a joyous hooray.  All the crafted precious metal was twinkling and glinting in the sun it was hard to know where exactly to start.

Parking around the College square was restricted this year and certainly no driving on the pavement was permitted. However, cars were invited to park on the square as other cars departed to start their journey to Eastbourne.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

Highly prepped and polished cars began to fill the available parking areas and we must give a nod of gratitude to the High Visibility Vest Marshals for keeping everyone safe, informed and moving in the right direction!

This wonderful supercharged XFR was just so happy to see us and pose for this delightful pic.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF













The Old Royal Naval College provides a spectacular backdrop from which to set off and this 1980 XJ6 simply looked glorious against it.

1980 Jaguar XJ6

1980 Jaguar XJ6

With only a handful of original C-Types still I service we were not disappointed to see this replica C-Type at all.


This XJR has been a long time Paramount Performance Client, it was a joy to see it out with the family and enjoying the day. Roy (the owner not the car!) has been doing the London to Brighton run for over 10 years now and it’s a real family and friends day out.

We make a pose for our own picture at the starting point in our F-Type 650bhp Predator – onlookers demanding we give the throttle some welly to sound off the deep growl of the Paramount Performance exhaust system. We gave a gentle and respectable rev to please the crowd – since last year we revved the sweet-cheese-n-biscuits out of our XKR only to be told off as Church was in service…Doh!

We set of at a well, within the speed limited, and are encouraged with the directions in the route book as they seem to be significantly better than last years, we even had photos this year of landmarks, clever things.

We encounter traffic almost instantly and wondered if the E-Types would cope in the heat from the sun and slow moving traffic.  They pulled through however, and we managed to grab a snapshot as the drivers were clearly concentrating on the flow of the traffic, more so that we were, and they whizz past us before we realised their lane was still moving!

Jaguar E-Type Classic

Jaguar E-Type Classic

We eventually clear through A2 traffic and were off.

We still have the sat nav speaking in tongues to us throughout the journey as we still not 100% sure of the route map, however, we preserver and arrive at Raystede – Centre for animal welfare; the main stop off point. We make a donation and head off to visit the alpacas enclosure, we grab coffee, cake a cheese toasty and then head back to our F-Type 650bhp Predator only to marvel once again at the E-Type parked next to us.

We set off, slightly more refreshed and Eastbourne the target!

As we seem to have abandoned the route book in favour of sight-seeing when we spot a very brilliant gold 700bhp Mercedes Benz! Obviously the occupants were enjoying a bit of ice cream enroute to admire the Jaguars on the Green! Our mag pie photography lost a bit of loyalty for a moment it seems as we found over 10 images snapped of the Merc.

Sight seeing on the Jaguar Run 2017

Sight seeing on the Jaguar Run 2017

Given our distractions we arrive at the finish point at the wrong end of the road, indeed it was closed off but High Vis-Vest welcomed us through with a welcome smile and nod of admiration for the motor.

We park up on white jag row and settle in to enjoying the location. Chatting blissfully to other drivers and visitors.

White Jag Row II

White Jag Row

The day remained glorious with no rain at all and only blue sky. We are opposite the Grand and naturally pitched up for a spot of afternoon tea.

White Jag Row

White Jag Row

We then get a bit snap-happy and deliver you the following to enjoy.

Afternoon tea at the Grand


Jaguar Land Rover Servicing Specialist Warwickshire

Jaguar and Land Rover Servicing


We talk a lot about performance upgrades and going faster but with all this extra power sometimes we need to slow down and ensure both our Jaguars and Land Rovers are good working order, or you may have an older model that you keep in the garage and she doesn’t get a regular run out.

Jaguar Service Specialist

Jaguar Service Specialist

Here at Paramount our workshop based out of Viezu Technologies HQ in Bidford On Avon which is located just outside of Stratford Upon Avon is fully customised to handle all your Jaguar service and Land Rover service and maintenance.

We can offer full health checks on older models as well as new, looking to get your Jaguar ready for spring, summer, winter or even sale! Or if you are looking to purchase a car and would like our opinion we can give her a complete and thorough once over and recommend all the work that needs carrying out and list in order of priorities.

jaguar service prices

All our recommendations are just that we will only make the suggestions and then we will leave you to decide which work if any you would like to carry out.

When it comes to parts we can use OEM direct replacements or high quality aftermarket equivalence depending on your situations and feelings about cost, it’s your car and all the decision making will be left in your hands.

Image of Jaguar Servicing

Jaguar Servicing at Paramount Performance, Warwickshire

At your Jaguar or Land Rover service time Not sure if you need any work doing our technicians are on hand to give your Jaguars and Land Rovers a complete service and health check, the boys in the workshop find some good old TLC work refreshing and enjoy helping you to get your car in to tip top condition.

If you are Jaguar owner you may have only just got your car out of hibernation and feel it has some niggles you don’t remember her having before you tucked her away for winter, give us call 01789 7744444 or drop us an email to get booked in for all your Jaguar and Land Rover servicing requirements

Jaguar F Type Tuning and Performance Upgrades

World’s most powerful Jaguar F-Type 4×4 launched

Bespoke vehicle tuning and automotive design company, VIP Design London, has created the most powerful Jaguar F-Type 4×4 in the world – Project Predator’s Big Brother.

Project Predator is a collaboration between Paramount Performance and Viezu Technologies research and development teams under the banner of VIP Design (Viezu Incorporating Paramount Performance).

Delivering a blisteringly quick 650bhp of pure driving passion and a top speed of more than 200mph, the dyno tested and proven upgrade package is delivered through a number of mechanical and software upgrades working in unison.

Firstly, the engine. High-flow air filters achieve increased combustion and throttle. An uprated supercharger pulley, part of VIP Design’s secret recipe, brings the software upgrade to life. Increasing supercharger boost pressures perfectly matched to the enhanced fuelling of the software delivers hugely dramatic reductions in 0-60 times and power delivery across the whole rev range. The VIP Design Team spent a full three weeks developing this remap on the dyno.

For extra purr-appeal VIP Design has uprated the exhaust system to a full manifold back high performance exhaust system, available in two different levels. The VIP Design team felt that the standard F-Type exhaust never quite sounded like a V8 Supercar as Chief Executive Paul Busby explains.

“The exhaust was not deep enough, more of a shriek than a V8 rumble. The VIP Design F-Type Predator changes all that, the full manifold back high performance exhaust system is switchable, allowing different purr levels – loud and really loud! You can’t help but grin every time you press the button.”

It’s not just performance upgrades that make the Predator so special. VIP Design combines performance enhancement with unique styling upgrades in one package.

Carbon Fibre bonnet vents, beautifully styled and left in raw polished form, front and rear carbon fibre splitters, adding down force and style and stunning unique polished carbon fibre rear diffuser, all help the car stand out from the crowd. Hand cast aluminium wheels available in 24 different design options and 28 different colours add to the look. And for optional extra-bling, window tinting in a variety of almost 50 shades of grey.

The package is fitted and installed at the VIP Design studio in Warwickshire, with mail-order and international shipping also available, priced from £19,434.

Paul added: “Since the Jaguar F-Type was launched, the sleek lines and V8 engine were always going to lend themselves to power upgrades, and appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle for stock options. Our new package has created the most exciting F-Type available in the world and is certain to thrill serious petrol-heads anywhere.”

For more information on VIP Design London and the Jaguar F-Type Project Predator please visit

New EVC WinOls Training Course – 5 day combined WinOls Tuning Training

New EVC WinOls Training Course – 5 day combined WinOls Tuning Training

EVC WinOls is a tuning software package that allows stored ECU (Engine Control Unit) program to be edited. EVC WinOls tuning software allows you to locate and engine control maps within the ECU data file. To assist you with the techniques and methods of tuning and adjustment needed, we have now developed a new EVC WinOls Training Course, a 5 day combined WinOls Tuning Training course covering both Diesel and gasoline in one session.

WinOLS Training course

WinOLS Training course

Where can I get WinOls?

We can help with that too, we are an official training and sales distributor for EVC WinOls software, we can arrange worldwide shipping and installation support, and depending on where you are based, your purchase may be tax free too

We also offer tours and demonstrations of the EVC WinOls software, so if you are not sure of the features, or would like to see the software before you commit to buying it or booing an EVC training course, we will be happy to help.

Is EVC WinOls software really complicated?

You may well have heard that the EVC WinOls is complicated and difficult to learn, its true to say if you pick it up and try to self-teach you are setting yourself up for a difficult journey. The WinOls software is not very self- intuitive, it is advanced tuning software, and does require attention and training to pick it up. That said, with good training and support, it can be surprisingly easy to find your way around the software, features and its use.

EVC WinOLS training course

EVC WinOLS training course

Where can I learn how to use WinOls?

Right here, we have a range or EVC WinOls training courses, for Gasoline engines, Diesel engines and now our combined 5 day training course.

You can see all our EVC WinOls training courses right here WinOls Training Courses

Please let us know if you have any questions



Alientech ECM Titanium Training Courses at Paramount

Alientech ECM Titanium Training Course – Learn to Tune cars with Paramount 

Alientech ECM Titanium Training courses are held at Paramount Performance. Paramount was established over 30 years ago, we have see technology come and go in this time. There is not much we have not seen when it comes to car tuning.

As such if you want to learn to tune cars, come to the best, learn no only how to use, and be trained on the Alientech ECM tuning software, but all the hits and tips we have learned over 30 year of leading the tuning industry

Paramount Performance, there is no place better to start your tuning training combined with the Alientech range of car tuning tools Alientech ECM Titanium tuning software combined with the an approved Alientech ECM Titanium training course!

Alientech ECM Titanium Training

The Alientech ECM Titanium training courses include gasoline tuning, diesel tuning and remapping, car, agricultural vehicles, marine and truck applications. The Alientech ECM Titanium tuning software is easy to pick up an learn with our expert guidance, and we are with you every step of the way.

The Paramount Performance Alientech ECM Training Courses

Quite uniquely the Paramount Alientech ECM training courses mix classroom training with hands on tuning exercises, including tool use, bench tuning, readying and writing from live vehicles and live dyno tuning and testing.  Some courses are purely held in a class room, this is not good, and much worse some are even held in hotel rooms, or private homes – how can you learn to tune cars in this way – where is the dyno, where are teh CARS!

You may as well read a book! And don’t let anyone tell you it’s just about a magic formula – add 10% here or 25% there and that all you need to do.

Alientech ECM Training car tuning course

Alientech ECM Training car tuning course


The full range of Alientech ECM Titanium training courses can be purchased on line here: Alientech ECM Training

Alientech Tuning Tools are also online and available to buy online in the Alientech Tuning Shop

Or here in the Paramount store Alientech

E-mail us now


So you think you know James bond – Take the James Bond quiz now and find out

So you think you know James bond – Take the James Bond Quiz now and find out


Paramount Performance offer tuning and styling enhancements for nearly all luxury and prestige cars, we particularly specialise in Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover Vehicles, and we are of course huge Bond fans.

James Bond Quiz – Test you bond knowledge now  – so we begin…. 


What was the title of the 2008 Bond movie – (the 22nd)

Who has played bond the most amount of times

What James bond film stared Jane Seymour

What was the name of Jane Seymour’s character

What was the first James bond novel to be written by Ian Fleming

What was the first novel to be made into a Movie

Doctor No was missing two body parts, what were they

Scaramanga  – was the bad guy in what film

Who played Scaramanga

What extra body part did Scaramanga

Switchable exhaust in Gold Titanium

Switchable exhaust in Gold Titanium – looks straight out of the Movies

If you like your gadgets, Paramount have lots of them, like switchable exhaust systems, that are loud when you want them to be, and offer stealth quiet when you need to sneak around. Stunning performance exhaust systems are available for many cars  

Back to the James Bond Quiz……

What James bond film stared Ursula Adres

Brit Ekland starred in the man with the golden gun, what was her character

What was the name of Urcels Andres character –

Shirley Bassie sung 3 bond theme times,  name 2 of them  –

What was the name of Gold Fingers mute  “hench man”

What type of plant did the chemical weapon used in moon raker come from-

Name the bond film to start Hallie Berry

Jaguar Tuning and Remapping

Jaguar Tuning and Remapping

Need a faster get-way car – we can help with that too, engine tuning can deliver great driving pleasure, better throttle response, more BHP, and make your car feel literally better than new, tuning comes with a free trial too, so if you are not sure – come for a test drive      

And if you really like your gadgets – we can give you a Q special – a switchable tuning device.

back to the James Bond Quiz…..                                         

What is the name of the space empire business operated by the bad guy in Moon Raker

Sean Bean stared in Golden eye – what was his 00 number

What was the not so glamorous Yellow car bond made an escape in for your eyes only

Who sung the sound track to golden eye (sing 1 point)

What was the name of the decoder machine at the centre of the file for your eye only

What body part is the Blowfeld family genetically said to be missing

What fictional nationality was the embassy Bond raided and blew up in the opening scene of casino royal –

2 litres of what were found in the stomach of the dead Mr Green in Quantum of solace –

Spector stands for what –

Jaguar F Type Predator 650bhp Conversion

Jaguar F Type Predator 650bhp Conversion


From tuning and exhaust system to full vehicle conversions, brakes, carbon fibre, styling, suspension, power and performance conversions – like our Jaguar F-Type Predator boasting 650bhp of specialness. From a simple remap to supercar make overs – we are here to help

Start your journey into “special equipment” with a free vehicle inspection and consultation, in person, Via skype or on the phone, because we understand field agents can’t always make it into us         


Vehicle Selection  – see what we offer for each brand


Aston Martin

Land Rover





Jaguar F Pace Tuning and Performance Upgrades

Jaguar F Pace Tuning and Performance Upgrades

The Jaguar F Pace is the must have SUV of the moment,  its currently Jaguars bestselling model. There are currently 3 different engines to choose from, a 2.0 petrol engine, and 2.0 diesel and the Jaguar F pace v6 – but there are no sports versions, and certainly now SVR high performance version of the F Pace, and so many owners that are looking for a little more “Roar” from their F-Pace are tuning to tuning to deliver.

Paramount offer tuning and ecu remapping for all versions of the Jaguar F Pace engines configurations. There are also a number of other upgrades and modified parts to boost your F Pace tuning further too

Jaguar F Pace Tuning – What’s Available  

2.0 Gasoline / Petrol F-Pace Tuning and remapping, delivering 45bhp, the turbo will come in quicker, throttle response in nicely increased with more pull across the rev range

2.0 Diesel Jaguar F pace tuning, delivering not only a great increase in power delivery and throttle response, but an improvement in fuel economy and MPG too

3.0 V6 Jaguar F Pace Tuning


cae Stage three – The VIP Design Jaguar F Pace “Setter”  tuning and upgrade packages, adding 200 cell cats, rear exhaust system – giving an SVR style sound to the V6 engine, performance air filters, both upper and lower supercharger pulley modifications, and the VIP design stage 3 ecu remapping software, boosting power by as much as 100bhp, amazing throttle response and midrange pull that just keeps delivering across the rev range. Offering near supercar response and acceleration.

Jaguar F Pace Tuning options     

VIP design can offer a full installation service for your Jaguar F pace tuning at the workshop based in the UK, but if you can’t make it in to them, the tuning and performance upgrades can be made available via mail order and shipped anywhere in the world.  The VIP tuning software can be supplied through a direct and simple to use tuning systems – so the driver can tune, re-tune and return to stock / factory settings at any time – anywhere

Mail us now for more information or for a quote



Don’t risk your car to a cowboy tuner using clone tuning tools and fake tuning software

The truth about clone tuning tools and the damage they cause

Clone tuning tools are everywhere these day, the dangerous are hidden, and even some operators don’t understand just what the risks are, if you are having your car tuned, insist on a tuner using real and genuine car tuning tools. You need to understand the truth about clone tuning tools and the damage they cause

Clone tuning tool

Don’t trust a tuner with a Clone tuning tool

A clone or fake tuning tool has no technical support, there is no back up if something goes wrong, and there are none of the safe guards that a real and genuine tuning tool has.

Its hard to tell a good tuner or a professional tuner, from a cow boy have a go tuner using fake and clone tuning tools, they look almost the same, and both can no doubt talk confidently about tuning and ecu remapping. Surprisingly there is often no real difference in the price they many quote to tune your car either.

But under the surface of the tuning service they offer, there is a very considerable difference.  A professional tuner will operate genuine tools, All Viezu dealers will have been trained to IMI standards, they will have insurance for the work they are performing, the tuning they offer is tried and tested, with back up and support from Viezu. And the tuning tools they operate will be fully supported and TUV approved by the tuning tool manufacture – you are in safe hands.

On the other hand, there are rouge tuners using fake tuning tools and clone tuning tools, the price quoted is often the same, so why would you risk having a fake tuner  mess with your cars software.  Using a fake and cloned tuning tool with out of date hacked software, offering no support, insurance, or underwritten warranty. And no doubt no answers to your phone calls when your car will not start.

Alientech tuning tools

Alientech tuning tools

Fake and clone tuning tools are a copy of the real thing, but they are not even a good copy, not only are clone tuning tools based on very old and out of date software, they are also very unstable, crashing and “bricking” if a clone tuning tool bricks (locks up) during the tuning – your car WILL NOT START, this is not scaremongering, or hear say. Your car will not start!, and often cannot be restated without a very expensive repair bill.

At this point more often than not the cowboy clone tool tuner is off, literally gone like the wind, never to return or answer his phone to you again. When presented to a main dealer I this situation, most will simply replace the ECU of your car – that’s a bill of £1000 – £1800


If in doubt – mail us now for advice



Tuning and ecu remapping tools your first steps

Tuning and ecu remapping tools your first steps

If you are new to tuning and ecu remapping or even just considering your option, there can be no better place to start than with the Alientech range to tuning tools, combined with the support,m training and guidance paramount can supply. There has never been a better time to buy than right now, and this includes our full range of Alientech tuning tools, equipment and software.

Alientech tuning tools usa

With the £Uk and a low against many international currencies we can now offer never before seen prices on Alientech USA tuning tools, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong. we also ship Alientech tools to Australia, New Zealand, and many other international, markets – all tax free form the UK too!

If you are looking for tuning tools, training, tuning support or other tuning related items we are ready to help.   t

You can see the full list of UK based Alientech Tuning tools here in the Paramount Online shop, click here. Alientech tools

Buy and save now, your order will be priority shipped by UPS direct to your door full support, set up and training can be arranged by Skype – so don’t work about getting live with your new tuning tool

Alientech Tools Via UPS

Alientech USA, Canada, and other international shipments leave almost daily, and so you order can be with you in just 4-5 days – UK tax free


Alientech Kess V2 Master

Alientech Kess V2 Salve

Alientech K-tag Master

Kess V2 and K-Tag package

If you have any question at all – just fire us an E-mail, or team is live 7 days a week and ready to help

Alientech Tuning Tools, Kess V2, K-Tag and Alientech Training Courses

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