Jaguar Run 2017: London to Eastbourne

Jaguar Run 2017: London to Eastbourne

The 19th Annual Run got underway on Sunday morning from The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich; ending on Eastbourne sea front – there great turn out and despite a little traffic close to London, we all got there in the end.

Breakfast on arrival and well received tea and coffee by all waiting to depart. Check out Mr & Mrs H below beside their glorious blue S-Type.

Mr & Mrs H with their lovely Jaguar S-Type

Mr & Mrs H with their lovely Jaguar S-Type

We were blessed with a day of sunshine and no rain which made car spotting a joyous hooray.  All the crafted precious metal was twinkling and glinting in the sun it was hard to know where exactly to start.

Parking around the College square was restricted this year and certainly no driving on the pavement was permitted. However, cars were invited to park on the square as other cars departed to start their journey to Eastbourne.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

Highly prepped and polished cars began to fill the available parking areas and we must give a nod of gratitude to the High Visibility Vest Marshals for keeping everyone safe, informed and moving in the right direction!

This wonderful supercharged XFR was just so happy to see us and pose for this delightful pic.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF













The Old Royal Naval College provides a spectacular backdrop from which to set off and this 1980 XJ6 simply looked glorious against it.

1980 Jaguar XJ6

1980 Jaguar XJ6

With only a handful of original C-Types still I service we were not disappointed to see this replica C-Type at all.


This XJR has been a long time Paramount Performance Client, it was a joy to see it out with the family and enjoying the day. Roy (the owner not the car!) has been doing the London to Brighton run for over 10 years now and it’s a real family and friends day out.

We make a pose for our own picture at the starting point in our F-Type 650bhp Predator – onlookers demanding we give the throttle some welly to sound off the deep growl of the Paramount Performance exhaust system. We gave a gentle and respectable rev to please the crowd – since last year we revved the sweet-cheese-n-biscuits out of our XKR only to be told off as Church was in service…Doh!

We set of at a well, within the speed limited, and are encouraged with the directions in the route book as they seem to be significantly better than last years, we even had photos this year of landmarks, clever things.

We encounter traffic almost instantly and wondered if the E-Types would cope in the heat from the sun and slow moving traffic.  They pulled through however, and we managed to grab a snapshot as the drivers were clearly concentrating on the flow of the traffic, more so that we were, and they whizz past us before we realised their lane was still moving!

Jaguar E-Type Classic

Jaguar E-Type Classic

We eventually clear through A2 traffic and were off.

We still have the sat nav speaking in tongues to us throughout the journey as we still not 100% sure of the route map, however, we preserver and arrive at Raystede – Centre for animal welfare; the main stop off point. We make a donation and head off to visit the alpacas enclosure, we grab coffee, cake a cheese toasty and then head back to our F-Type 650bhp Predator only to marvel once again at the E-Type parked next to us.

We set off, slightly more refreshed and Eastbourne the target!

As we seem to have abandoned the route book in favour of sight-seeing when we spot a very brilliant gold 700bhp Mercedes Benz! Obviously the occupants were enjoying a bit of ice cream enroute to admire the Jaguars on the Green! Our mag pie photography lost a bit of loyalty for a moment it seems as we found over 10 images snapped of the Merc.

Sight seeing on the Jaguar Run 2017

Sight seeing on the Jaguar Run 2017

Given our distractions we arrive at the finish point at the wrong end of the road, indeed it was closed off but High Vis-Vest welcomed us through with a welcome smile and nod of admiration for the motor.

We park up on white jag row and settle in to enjoying the location. Chatting blissfully to other drivers and visitors.

White Jag Row II

White Jag Row

The day remained glorious with no rain at all and only blue sky. We are opposite the Grand and naturally pitched up for a spot of afternoon tea.

White Jag Row

White Jag Row

We then get a bit snap-happy and deliver you the following to enjoy.

Afternoon tea at the Grand


Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost Tuning Upgrade Pack from Paramount Performance

Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost Tuning Upgrade Pack from Paramount Performance

Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost Tuning Upgrade Pack from Paramount Performance is now available for this small nippy car. Whilst not the usual Paramount Performance fair, the Viezu Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost Tuning Upgrade Pack is just being launched and we thought it is worth a mention since many Paramount Customers do have these compact hot hatches in the family too!

Viezu Ford Fiesta ST upgrade pack Stage 1

Viezu Ford Fiesta ST upgrade pack Stage 1

The Viezu ST Upgrade Pack has 3 “stages” of upgrade and start with a remap and new panel performance air filter – this will increase bhp by 20bhp and 40 Nm torque. 

Next there is The Viezu ST Monster Upgrade Pack – a Stage 2 remap which includes a new inter-cooler.  Also available from Paramount Performance, this Ford Fiesta ST remap and upgrade delivers gains of 24bhp & 60 Nm torque when combined with the air filter and an inter-cooler for more torque & steady delivery of power throughout the entire rpm band.

Viezu ST Monster Pack Stage 2 Remap

Viezu ST Monster Pack Stage 2 Remap

Finally the Viezu ST Monster Pack Stage 3 Remapping or if you like Ford Focus ST Chip tuning from Viezu delivers performances gains of 30bhp & 65 Nm torque.  Again when combined with an air filter and an inter cooler and a new shiny Milltek non-resonated cat-back sports exhaust with polished tips. A very stylish finish to the overall Ford Fiesta ST upgrade.

Viezu ST Monster Pack Stage 3 Remap

Viezu ST Monster Pack Stage 3 Remap

If you like to know more of the techy stuff, here is some more information for you

Viezu operates one of the UK’s most powerful Mustang AWD chassis dyno, 3000bhp rolling road and uses it to develop its remaps, chip tuning and software upgrades for the Ford Fiesta ST Tuning and other vehicles of interest.

The Viezu Stage 2 package Ford Fiesta ST ECU remap makes safe and reliable use of the Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost’s engine software and components bringing them up to their optimum running capabilities. Replacing the intercooler, Viezu’s engine ecu ‘chipping’ software maintains stronger and higher boost levels consistenly throughout the dynamometre rolling road runs and under full load. This ensures all elements of the Ford Fiesta ST remap are well within the tolerance of its engine.

Unlocking the Ford Fiesta software, Viezu can ensure it makes full use of the Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost’s great engine. It is totally fully optimised and the throttle responds with stronger power delivery. The turbo gets up instantly and pulls harder lower down than any other similar sized engines on the market.

Viezu Technologies have designed the new car tuning software in the engine ECU to deliver the torque and boost instantly and making the Ford Fiesta ST very responsive and nippy to drive. There is no more drop in power when the Fiesta is warming up with Viezu’s specialist engine chip tuning recalibration designed to work perfectly with the Viezu Technologies uprated inter cooler making this the best tuning package on the market for the Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost Tuning.

Customer Comments

“Feels like a completely different car … it’s an absolute monster!”

Viezu Technologies develops its software in house on a live vehicle and rolling road with specialist engine remapping and ecu chip re-calibration and chip tuning tools.

This is an excellent example of the Ford Fiesta ST Remap options, please call the Paramount Team if you would like to learn more about the tuning of hot-hatches!


650bhp Jaguar F-TYPE Performance Upgrade Package

Image of 650bhp Jaguar F-Type Project Predator

650bhp Jaguar F-Type

Paramount Performance is excited to announce the launch the 650bhp Jaguar F-TYPE – the ‘Project Predator’.  With a performance ECU remap taking the F-TYPE’s power to a staggering 650bhp and a top speed of over 200mph, this is power not to be messed with.  The suite of upgrades under the bonnet are complemented by a range of styling upgrades and modifications to the exterior making the already beautiful F-TYPE into a work of art.

Under the bonnet, high-performance air filters were added to increase air intake into the engine and aid combustion and throttle power, while an uprated supercharger pulley brings the performance ECU remap to life by increasing supercharger boost pressures to perfectly match the enhanced fuelling delivered by the ECU remap.  This delivers substantial reductions in 0-60 times and increases power delivery across the whole rev range.

The Jaguar F-TYPE’s suspension has been lowered by 30mm to improve its poise and stance, with harder, stronger suspension parts, joints and rubbers improving its responsiveness on the road.  The addition of a full manifold back performance exhaust system transforms the sound as well as the power, with switchable sound options giving a choice of ‘loud’ and ‘really loud’ sound, while improving exhaust gas cycling through the engine and boosting the F-TYPE’s power even further.  A choice of exhaust tips, including Paramount Performance’s ‘fighter jet’ tips, add an element of subtle, polished styling.

To the exterior, a range of polished carbon-fibre elements have been added, including a front carbon-fibre splitter, bonnet vents and rear diffuser adding that ‘eye-candy’ attractiveness which will really make heads turn.  Window tinting is available as an optional extra, while hand-cast aluminium wheels really complete the look, with 24 different design options and 28 different colours.

For more information on Paramount Performance’s 650bhp Jaguar F-TYPE, please call +44 (0)1789 774444, email or click here and the Paramount Performance team will be happy to advise you.

Performance Tuning for your Jaguar F Type.

The Jaguar F Type, arguably the most beautiful car ever produced is a work of art and something to behold. Its powerful curves, bold lines and road presence really are a return to form from their sports car days of the Jaguar D and E Type.

Far more than a spiritual successor to the aforementioned, this is a car designed from the ground up to inspire awe.

And then there is the exhaust, the Jaguar F Type V6 and V8 engines produce a crisp sharp note that any orchestra would be proud of.

So how can you improve such an astonishing car… That is where Paramount Performance come into their own. We are Jaguar specialists and our Jaguar F Type range is no exception.

You can view our growing range of Jaguar F Type products at

We are currently offering, for the months of June and July a special price of £995 for our bespoke 3 litre or 5 litre F-type supercharger pulley and a custom remap from Viezu Technologies with the option of a power run on our dynamometer (subject to availability).

This offer is open to all Jaguar models too so if you have an XKR, XFR or a Super Sport XJ or XJL.

We offer other upgrades across the whole Jaguar range from XK 120 to the latest range so put us to the test and see what we can do for you.

Paramount Performance Automotive Developments also offer lowering springs from the likes of Eibach and H&R, braided brake hoses from HEL Performance and Goodridge, uprated discs and pads for a range of applications be it standard replacement or a full on track day big brake kit and our speciality is sports exhausts, we have a catalogue to meet the needs of the most discerning customer.

Contact us on 01789 774444 or

Paramount Performance accelerates growth with relocation and expansion

Paramount Performance relocation to Warwickshire

Following a period of increased demand  for its tuning and styling services. Paramount Performance has expanded its operations and relocated to Warwickshire to provide its Customers with an even more comprehensive offering.

Paramount Performance Relocation to Warwickshire
Paramount Performance Relocation to Warwickshire

As part of the expansion  the company has relocated to a larger facility in Warwickshire. The new facility now includes an enhanced workshop area and Customer waiting zone.

To celebrate the expansion Paramount Performance is offering free exhaust fitting at the new facility for all systems purchased during May and June 2015!

Customers also get the opportunity to enter the workshop and to see how their vehicle is being worked on. The new facility operates a 3000bhp rolling road and you can see the tuning being carried out live if you wish. If you enjoy technical insights, this is a real treat!

 “The expanded operations provide our Customers with one of the most advanced engine tuning and vehicle styling services available anywhere in the Europe,” comments Paul Busby, Director, Paramount Performance. Paramount shares its new facilities with the global leading ECU remapping Company Viezu Goosebumps movie now

Paramount Performance has also enhanced its services to include ECU remapping as well as traditional bespoke vehicle styling.

High grade bespoke stainless-steel exhaust systems remain a customer favourite together with supercharger pulley upgrades. Many styling kits are also available including premium brands from Mansory.

Paramount Performance offers an open door policy and you can book an appointment Free of Charge for a vehicle inspection; the Technicians are always delighted to make recommendations for your personal vehicle styling needs.

Viezu Technologies is one of the UK’s leading tuning specialists. It has developed more than 15,000 engine ECU remap files. Remap files are available for over 90 percent of modern European vehicles.

Contact Paul Busby – Paramount Performance Viezu Technologies

Tel: 0044 (0)1789 774444

Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remap by Paramount Performance

Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remapping by Paramount Performance

Audi R8 Chip-tuning and Remapping developed by Paramount Performance; select an upgrade for fuel economy, power performance upgrade or a blend of both for your Audi R8.

Audi R8 Performance Tuning – ECU Remapping Audi R8 V8 and V10. Performance ECU Remapping – feel the difference, this is how your Audi R8   should have performed the first time you drove it.

Audi R8 chip-tuning and Audi R8 remapping includes the Audi R8 tdi for performance and fuel economy or a blend of power and performance, benefit from improved drivability and throttle response.

Audi R8 chip-tuning and Audi R8 remapping also includes petrol/gasoline tuning for higher performance, drivability and throttle response.

Our Audi R8 ECU remapping and chip-tuning delivers absolutely stunning results.  It is installed through the OBD port and can be done in less than one hour; but don’t be fooled, this is full Customised Tuning! See the difference, why not get involved by joining our Technicians and participate in your Audi R8 being chip-tuned/remapped live on a 3000bhp rolling road – a thoroughly rewarding experience and friends are welcome to join you.

Paramount Performance also offers a range of performance and styling upgrades for the Audi R8; a full range of customised sports exhaust systems, manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with polished detailing – these systems should be hung in the Tate Modern under a new category of Vehicular Bling and Awe.  Check our wheel spacers, custom made monogrammed luxury car covers to name just a few, visit for more details; or call +44 (0)1789 774444

Range Rover Chip-tuning and Remap by Paramount Performance

Range Rover Chip-tuning and Remap by Paramount Performance

Since the first generation launch, the Range Rover has firmly established itself as one of the most significant vehicles in the history of motoring. It remains the ultimate choice for the luxury SUV customer. Range Rover Chip-tuning and Remapping by Paramount Performance both diesel and gasoline (petrol) models are perfect for performance upgrades. You can chose Power upgrades or Fuel Saving upgrades, both will yield up some power increase and our Technical Team can talk you through the remapping process to explain why improved fuel consumption on the Range Rover by default provides an increase in bhp. See our technical specification data table below:

Range Rover Remap Technical Specification Data Table

You can chose Power upgrades or Fuel Saving upgrades, both will yield up some power increase

Fully Customised Tuning! Why not treat yourself by joining our Technicians and participate in your Range Rover being chip-tuned / remapped live on a 3000bhp rolling road with our Technicians – a thoroughly rewarding experience and friends are welcome to join you.

Paramount's 3000 bhp Rolling Road

Fully Customised Tuning!

Paramount Performance offers a range of performance and styling upgrades for the Range Rover; customised exhaust systems manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with polished detailing, Supercharger pulleys, wheel spacers, custom made monogrammed luxury car covers.


Paramount Performance ASTON MARTIN DB9 CHIP-TUNING ECU REMAP, the DB9 is one of the world’s most classic sports GT and can be enhanced by a further 20 bhp with our chip-tuning and ECU remapping services.

Paramount’s vehicle software upgrade for the DB9 can give startling improvements.  The manufacturers stated 517 bhp  can be improved  by a further 20 bhp.  Our Aston Martin DB9 chip-tuning and ECU remapping offers full customisation to your personal driving style.

The New DB9 is powered by the new AM11 engine and is the most potent in DB9’s story so far. It has a 6.0-litre capacity, delivering 517 bhp and 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds; combined with 620 Nm of torque a significant 10% improvement on earlier models. The  AM11 is engineered to give 40 Nm extra of torque between 0 and 4000 rpm giving progressive performance at high and low speeds and power at higher revs. The DB9 is an advanced and powerful beast; Paramount Performance has so much more to offer  in terms of customized performance and styling statements. Paramount Performance’s Aston Martin chip-tuning and ECU remapping will magnify a number of aspects of your DB9 such as the overall power and torque, its driveability and throttle response.

Treat yourself by joining our Technicians and participate in your Aston Martin DB9 being chip-tuned/remapped live on a 3000bhp rolling road with our Technicians – a thoroughly rewarding experience. Experience days to tune your Aston Martin DB9 available by special arrangements and appointment and friend are welcome

Aston Martin DB9 Chip-tuning ECU Remap

Paramount Performance Automotive Developments Ltd offers a range of performance and styling upgrades for the Aston Martin DB9 such as customised exhaust systems manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with polished detailing, 200 cell catalytic convertors, lowering springs, wheel spacers, air filters – high performance DB9 air filters, Mansory Design body kits and styling.