Land Rover Defender Parts – New and used Land Rover Defender parts service worldwide

Land Rover Defender Parts – New and used Land Rover Defender parts service worldwide

Paramount Performance are one of the Uk’s oldest and most established Jaguar Land Rover Specialist, Paramount stock and supply many Land Rover Defender parts.  Paramount can also access many other land Rover Defender parts specialist’s, as well as a limitless Land Rover Defender used parts – offering Uk fitting and full workshop fitting. And also worldwide shipping of new, used and reconditioned Land Rover defender parts

Wherever you are based and whatever Land Rover Defender parts you require we can help.

land rover defender parts

New Land Rover Defender Parts

If you don’t have access to Land Rover Defender new parts – let us help. We can order new genuine factory Land Rover Defender parts and ship them direct to your door anywhere in the world. Paramount can also order an unbelievable range of new aftermarket Land Rover Defender part, from Defender water pumps, brakes pads, to Defender clutches and engines – we can offer shipping to most destinations within 5 days – mail us now for a quote

land rover defender parts service

Reconditioned Land Rover Defender Parts

As well as new Defender parts, Paramount can supply a range of reconditioned and refurbished Defender parts, ready to install and get your Defender back in top condition. Approved reconditioned parts are available off the shelf in most cases, this can includes defender gearboxes, engines, 200tdi, 300tdi, TD5, transfer boxes, and axles and differential units.

Reconditioned Land Rover Defender parts can make and excellent and much cheaper solution that new parts, if you need any help or advice, just drop us a mail with your defender details

Land Rover Defender Parts online

Land Rover Defender Used Parts

If you are on a budget used Land Rover Defender used parts can make an excellent alternative to new parts. However, in many locations around the world there is simply no parts available or they are as expensive or more than new parts.

However, in the UK parts are general plentiful, Paramount buy, sell and brake Land Rover Defenders, so we can supply good quality genuine used parts – and we always know the source of them, with Defender parts always in demand, theft can be an issue.

Paramount only ever supply used land Rover defender parts where the original vehicle history is known and can be traced.  All Land Rover Defender parts are available from the illusive screw or bolt, to complete vehicles, chassis, body parts and more.

Land Rover Defender Parts

If you are looking for a single parts for your Land Rover Defender, or you are undertaking a complete Land Rover Defender restoration project and need many parts we can help save time, money and your sanity with our parts sourcing service


Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go!

Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go!

Paramount Performance is excited to announce that we are now offering Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts.

In response to customer feedback, our initial focus will be on BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Modern Classic and Classic Car ownership has never been more popular. However, most manufacturers have discontinued exhausts for older BMW, Mercedes and Porsche models. Therefore, sourcing a replacement exhaust system can prove difficult.

Classic and Modern Classic Cars: The Story

Children of the 80’s and 90’s are now grown up. With income at their disposable, they are turning their heads to the cars they lusted after in their youth. With interest in Classics and Modern Classics from Germany at fever pitch, the benefits of preserving your investment and maximising driving pleasure with a hand-built exhaust system are obvious.

We are passionate about Modern Classic and Classic cars at Paramount Performance. To be able to offer owners of older BMW, Mercedes and Porsche cars a handcrafted replacement exhaust system is a huge win for our modern classic and classic car customers.

Our Exhaust Systems cover a wide range of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche models manufactured from the mid 1970’s onwards. For our sports focused customers, it’s also great to be able to offer exhaust system options for all BMW ‘M’ Car and Mercedes ‘AMG’ variants.

BMW E28 M5 Performance Exhaust. Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts
Transform your ‘M’ Car into an ‘MMMM’ car with our new BMW E28 exhaust system.

Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts Built to Inspire and Delight!

Based on Motorsport and Fast Road heritage, which dates back to the 1950’s, this exciting range of Classic and Modern Classic exhausts offer an exacting blend of performance and class. Handcrafted and fully tested, Paramount Performance‘s exhaust systems are second-to-none. Paramount Performance individually dyno tests and inspects every exhaust for ultimate durability and tuned for optimum sound.

Porsche 964 Carrera Performance Exhaust. Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts
Take Your Porsche from a 964 to a 96Fwoar with a handcrafted exhaust system upgrade.

So, look no further than Paramount Performance‘s exhaust systems for classic and modern classic vehicles. You are hunting for the ultimate exhaust system for your BMW E46 M3.  Or you wish to further enhance the value of your Mercedes R129 SL with a beautiful exhaust! Paramount Performance has the answer to your frustrated search for the ultimate classic and modern classic exhaust system upgrade.

Better Than New

Transform your Classic or Modern Classic with an exhaust system better than when it left the factory.

Upgrade your existing exhaust system and future-proof your cherished classic or modern classic. To find out more, get in touch +44 (0) 17789 77 44 44, or email

Finally, stay tuned for more exciting Classic and Modern Classic exhaust system announcements… there is more to come!

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Carbon Fibre wheels are designed for enhanced performance, using a significantly more lightweight material – carbon, and it’s also extremely strong. In fact, Carbon Fibre is 5 times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, and up to 40% lighter than their OEM counterparts of the same size! Therefore, it is the perfect material to develop wheels with.

Carbon Fibre has long since been a highly desirable style feature on cars. In fact, it is extremely stylish and adds practicality and elegance to any vehicle.

There are many options for Carbon Fibre parts and accessories; spoilers, bonnet vents, side grilles, front/rear splitters, side skirts… the list continues.

These Carbon Fibre Wheels are superb.

How is Carbon Fibre Made?

Carbon Fibre is woven together using polymers which are exceptionally strong, and undeniably durable. These polymers are spinning together chains of thin and very strong carbon strings. These strings can be as thin as a human hair, and together become stronger than steel. So, in fact a highly suitable material for wheels.

A Different Kind of Weight

A car’s wheels, tyres and brakes are not supported by the suspension on the car, which is known as unsprung weight. This means that when you go over a bump in the road, you will feel the unsprung weight being forced upwards, resulting in vibrations. The larger the unsprung weight (e.g. the heavier the wheels, tyres and brakes are), the worse these vibrations are. On a BMW M3 fitted with our carbon fibre wheels, the unsprung weight is reduced by 23kg! This translates to better handling with a much smoother drive.

On the Road…

On the road, Carbon Fibre Wheels offer superior ride quality, with sharper braking, precision handling, and responsive acceleration. Road noise is significantly reduced and will provide you with a much smoother ride.

Road testing the Carbon Fibre Wheels on our Jaguar F-Type Predator 670 BHP, the grip around corners is outstanding – accurately bedding the car into every corner, giving you the ultimate grip for exit performance.

Carbon Fibre Wheels Viezu Jaguar F-Type Predator 670
Check out these Carbon Fibre Wheels on The F-Type Predator 670

Another cheeky benefit – fuel saving! You need more energy to move a heavy object than a light object, hence the fuel saving!

Get Some Track Time

These Carbon Fibre Wheels have been refined where performance matters most – the race track. The use of Carbon Fibre to develop wheels found its roots in professional motorbike racing in the 1970s, crossing the divide to 4-wheel racing (F1 and Le Mans) in the early 2000’s.

We took our Jaguar F-Type Predator 670 BHP to Castle Combe to find out what Carbon Fibre wheels can really do.

The results? Staggering! The Carbon Fibre Wheels took seconds of the lap times – which on track, can be the difference between first and last.

As on the road, handling, cornering, the whole driving experience is vastly improved, and again – more time shaved off the lap times. Have this in conjunction with a performance tune for your vehicle, and you will be making time on all your races!

Style It Out

It is state of the art engineering crossed with superior style. Carbon Fibre Wheels are finished in a high gloss finish. The looks are truly magical. To compliment your individual style, these carbon fibre wheels are available in 2 different designs and a choice of colours.

Carbon Fibre Wheels Dymag
Compliment your individual style, available in multiple colours, and two different styles.


Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

Increased boost, extra cooling capabilities, less chance for engine-damaging detonation and ultimately increased power, these are just a few of the benefits of installing a Water/Methanol injection system.

F Type Predator Water/Methanol
Installing a Water/Methanol Injection System into the F-Type Predator 650

What is Water/Methanol?

These Water/Methanol systems inject a 50/50 mixture of methanol and water into the engine using a high-pressure pump. As a result, this allows for better ignition timing and increases boost capability in supercharged or turbocharged applications. Water/Methanol also lowers air intake temperature, and provides an additional source of very high-octane fuel. You can achieve all these benefits, all without increasing the chance of damaging detonation.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Water/Methanol

More Power. Produce more power by decreasing the intake temperatures, using the high-octane properties of methanol, and the air-cooling properties of the methanol and water mixed together. The cooler intake temperatures allow you to run more aggressive timing and/or boost, in forced induction applications, without increasing the chance of detonation.

Decrease the change of engine damaging detonation with lower intake charge temperatures.

Reduce your spending on the road with this low cost Water/Methanol system. Starting at around £499, Water/Methanol is less expensive than pure race-gas. Especially for those running high compression engines on the street. Therefore, this Water/Methanol system is relatively inexpensive to install and run.

Engine Maintenance on the Go. In some cases, the atomized water reduces carbon build-up. Water/Methanol achieves this with a healthy steam clean of the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake.

How Long Will A Tank Of Water/Methanol Last?

Depending on horsepower, your Water/Methanol Injection System, settings and your own driving style, your Water/Methanol could last as long as a tank of fuel. Paramount Performance’s 3-quart tank will typically last around a tank of gasoline in most engines in the 200-500 horsepower range.

Paramount Performance Water Methanol Injection System Tank
Paramount Performance Water/Methanol 3-quart tanks typically lasts around a tank of gasoline.

Most systems, including those from Paramount Performance, include a fail-safe device which reduces boost or adjusts timing curves in case the flow of Water/Methanol is exhausted or suddenly changes.

You Can Expect Power Gains

Depending on the system, Water/Methanol systems can advance timing by 10 or more degrees. Water/Methanol can often increase boost by five or more psi. Combined with the cooler air intake charge created by the water/methanol, these changes net a horsepower increase of up to 20%. In naturally aspirated applications, horsepower gains of 5-10 percent are possible.

Naturally Aspirated Engines Are Compatible Too!

Paramount Performance makes a Water/Methanol Injection System for fuel injected naturally-aspirated applications. With stock compression engines (10:1 compression or less), Paramount Performance says you gain up to 15 horsepower with full timing and achieve more effective air/fuel ratios and increase gas mileage.

In naturally aspirated high compression engines, Paramount Performance Water/Methanol Injection System works with fuel from most fuel stations, making it a more budget-friendly alternative to race gas. Plus, the colder, denser intake charge delivers more horsepower and allows for higher timing advances.

Water/Methanol Injection System Paramount Performance
Water Methanol Injection System Paramount Performance

How Does It Work?

The secret to water/methanol injection lies in its key ingredients. Methanol is a high-octane fuel that is also extremely resistant to detonation. It will absorb heat out of the air – something known as “latent heat of vaporization”. Water/Methanol provides additional cooling while it is pumped through the engine. The cooler, denser intake charge reduces the chances of detonation even as the high-octane methanol boosts power.

Is 50/50 Best?

A 50/50 ratio of Water/Methanol is most recommended, although ratios of anywhere from 30 percent to a maximum of 50 percent methanol work well and can deliver excellent octane gains and cooling. Therefore, the 50/50 ratio provides optimum air cooling, excellent detonation control, and safety.

Will I Need an Intercooler?

It is highly recommended to install an intercooler and a 50/50 Water/Methanol System at the same time to give you greater benefits, and to cope with more than 30psi in boost. After all, with all that extra power, will you be able to keep it under 30psi of boost?

Paramount Performance are now offering Water/Methanol Injection Systems that are available for naturally aspirated or forced induction gasoline and diesel applications. So, if you are after additional power, lower running costs, and less chance of engine-damaging detonation, give Paramount Performance a call +44 (0) 1789 774444, or email on to book your installation, or find out more!

The Ford Ranger:  Tune Anywhere, Any Time

The Ford Ranger: Tune Anywhere, Any Time

Do you take your Ford Ranger off the beaten track, into the unknown? Does it tow heavy loads? Is it a weekend car, or daily driver? Whatever you use your Ford Ranger for, it is the go-to-car for all occasions formal or fun its just the right vehicle.

What if you could get even more flexibility from this already diverse vehicle?

Ford Ranger Customization Mjolnir
Ranger Wildtrak, tune anywhere, whenever you like.

It is possible to get more! to improve your Ford Ranger even further consider having an ECU remap or even better, a switchable engine remap to get the best out of all your driving needs.

Tuning your Ranger will give you improved hp, greater torque, improved towing capability and pulling power. Paramount Performance can bring you all that, delivered right to your door.

Hello, It’s time for change! V-Switch tuning for Ford Ranger

You and your Ford Ranger live a lifestyle of non-stop fun. You want all the power of an engine remap, with flexibility to change it any time. Tune your Ranger at home, work, on the go. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

With V-Switch, a self-tuning device, you can tune your Ford Ranger anywhere, at anytime.

V Switch
V Switch: select up to three different power settings (six options to select from) to compliment your driving, surroundings and/or activities

The Choice is Yours

You have the flexibility to choose three of six different engine tunes to suit the occasion. You are able to install any one of your three tunes on the go too, or at home – simply store your V-Switch for Ford Ranger in the car for quick tune changes. Switch to low down power for some serious off-roading. If you find your car in someone else’s hands, select valet mode for instance.

Tune anywhere, at home, or on the move

The V-Switch is user-friendly. Offering simple and effortless switches between your three different power profiles.

How are The V-Switch Remaps Made?

Before a product or service is made publicly available, Paramount Performance completes extensive research and development. Rest assured, Paramount Performance provides the very best Ford Ranger engine tunes.

Ford Ranger Styling Conversions

Need a bit more style for your Ford Ranger, why not check out the Ranger Mjölnir one of the VIP Design London’s Styling and Performance Projects.

More Power, more torque – Ford Ranger Tuning

The Ranger Mjölnir, Paramount Performance transformed a Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 TDCi power output with dyno tuning. Take a 3000 hp AWD Mustang Dyno and see the power rise out of an engine remap to deliver exceptional upgraded performance. The Ranger starts off with 470 Nm of torque and 197 hp. Once the Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 TDCi is remapped….

To create the best maps possible, Paramount Performance commits to thorough R&D.

a resulting gain for the Ranger Mjölnir is a respectable 70 Nm of torque and an extra 40 hp, taking it to 540 Nm of torque and 237 hp.

In addition to the extra power, the Ranger Mjölnir boasted better fuel economy, equalling savings at the pump!

Prefer the In-Person Approach? Live dyno-tuning

Paramount Performance can also remap your Ranger on site at our HQ in Warwickshire. One of our qualified Motorsport technicians will complete your engine remap.

While you wait, Paramount Performance can also supply and fit a wide variety of Ford Ranger performance parts and styling points. This includes these stunning Ford Ranger alloy wheels, wide body kit, and full size LED grille, and much more.

Paramount Performance: Confidence and Quality

We are confident that you will love a Paramount Performance engine remap, especially using the V-Switch device. You can expect your V-Switch to transform your Ford Ranger, at home, or anywhere. Paramount Performance offer you our 30 day no quibble money back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Find out what tuning we can offer you and your Ranger. Contact Paramount Performance today, email: or call, +44 (0) 1789 774444.

DPF Refits are Here!

DPF Refits are Here!
DPF Refit

Drivers made frequent short journeys, fearing the engine would be damaged by the DPF clogging up. The threat of overly expensive repairs drivers wanted to save some money and begun removing their DPFs.

Drivers removed the DPF, forming a well-intentioned, easy and cost effective solution, however according to the new regulations, it was a big mistake!

Come back to the Green Side

Refitting your DPF is much better for the environment and you should stop worrying about the reasons you took it out in the first place. Over the past decade technology has advanced tenfold. With regular cleaning, DPFs aren’t as prone to clogging as they once were, depending on your vehicle.

DPF Refit Eco Friendly

New MOT Rules

New regulations introduced in 2014 and the MOT test changes in 2018 mean driving your vehicle on the road without a DPF has big consequences, including a hefty £1,000 fine! Not to mention the cost of refitting and the possibility of being caught for driving without valid insurance!

Many drivers have been caught out, and are now, looking for someone to help get their car through its MOT or yearly inspection. Which includes reinstating their DPF, all for a reasonable cost.

To add to the many incentives of refitting your DPF, it will help to maintain the value of your vehicle. It will also be helping to prevent any haggling over the cost of replacement if you do chose to sell your vehicle.

DPF Reinstatement Cost

Refitting a DPF is approximately a 3-hour job, and parts and labour can be costly. Paramount Performance are competitively priced compared to main dealer prices! This can include fitting a new DPF, temperature sensor, and revise your diesel vehicles software.

DPF Refit Eco Friendly

Want to Save Money On The Cost of Fuel Too and Improve the Performance of your Vehicle?

Paramount Performance love to help you improve the performance of your car and help save you money at the fuel pumps and on your vehicle running costs,. So, we developed our our unique fuel economy and reduction service, which can be completed during your installation.

When you start to think about the cost of fuel, you might be dreaming about how you could make it cost less. Paramount Economy can also enhance the feel, drivability, and overall performance of your vehicle, decreasing your CO2 emissions and increasing fuel efficiency up to 20%, depending on your car, its use, load, and its driver.

Specifically, Paramount Economy can improve torque, power, and throttle response. Additionally, it has been known to decrease your car insurance as some insurance companies offer discounts for those who have installed our economy map.

Book my DPF Reinstatement

We have highly knowledgeable teams here to answer your technical questions and provide you with further information.

Book in to have your DPF reinstated, call us on 01789 774444 or email

*Prices can vary dependant on vehicle.

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

Jaguar Supercharger replacement – The Eaton supercharger used on the Jaguar XKR and XJR range is very reliable, they regularly cover well over 100,000 miles and more without issue, However, failure of the supercharger bearings and couplings can occur from anything over 50,000 miles, sadly we have seen a few fail at this type of mileage.

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement
Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

One of the first signs you may get that lets you know all is not well is a strange noise, if this occurs please do seek urgent advice. If  you keep running a supercharger that is starting to fail it can in time cause catastrophic engine damage. One of the first signs of Jaguar Supercharger failure can be a shudder when turning the engine off, often accompanied by a “clonk” noise. A whine can also be apparent when the engine is running under load, or a vibration at idle that could almost be taken for a misfire, often there can be a combination of these symptoms, but typically there is no engine warning light of fault code detected under diagnostics .

One way to quickly check if a new and unwelcome noise is your supercharger is to isolate it by  removing the drive belt from the upper pulley of the Jaguar Supercharger and check for free play side to side, – a sloppy side to side motion when turning the charger over by hand often with a clonk at each end of the free play is a sure sign your supercharger has seen better days and is on its way out

If you are unsure or need our help we will carry out this check for you free of charge. We can quickly demonstrate the difference between a failed and a good charger and help you fully understand the difference and what is the best and most cost effective repair.

Jaguar Supercharger replacement

The price of a new jaguar supercharger can cost around £3000, and the labour is 6-8 hrs if your preference is for a new charger Paramount can arrange this for you with new factory parts.

However, an alternative cheaper option can be to have your supercharger rebuilt or exchanged for a reconditioned unit from Paramount Performance. Paramount can replace worn bearings and nose cone couplings at a much reduced price over new unit. And the reconditioned Jaguar Supercharger unit comes with a 6 month, or 10,000 miles warranty (whichever is first)

The price shown here is for a reconditioned supercharger unit ready to fit (gaskets etc not included)

If you would like your supercharger rebuilt, serviced and returned ready to fit, or take advantage of our fully fitted service please e-mail us for options and details

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Upgrades @ Paramount

Aston Martin DB9, one of the world’s most classic sports GT.

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Upgrades –  The New DB9 is powered by the new AM11 engine and is the most potent in DB9’s story so far. It has a 6.0-litre capacity, delivering 517 bhp and 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds; combined with 620 Nm of torque a significant 10% improvement on earlier models.

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Engine Tuning
Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Engine Tuning



The new AM11 is engineered to give 40 Nm extra of torque between 0 and 4000 rpm giving progressive performance at high and low speeds and power at higher revs.

The DB9 is an advanced and powerful beast and Paramount Performance has so much more to offer the DB9 in terms of customized performance and styling statements.

With a Paramount Performance Automotive Development’s vehicle software upgrade for the DB9, the starting 517 bhp  can be improved  by a further 20 bhp and our Aston Martin DB9 chip-tuning and ECU remapping offers full customisation to your driving style – meaning you can get exactly what you want.

Paramount Performance’s Aston Martin chip tuning and ECU remapping will magnify a number of aspects of your Aston, such as the overall power and torque, its driveability and throttle response.

Treat yourself by joining our Technicians and participate in your Aston Martin DB9 being chip-tuned/remapped live on a 3000bhp rolling road with our Technicians – a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Paramount Performance Automotive Developments Ltd offers a range of performance and styling upgrades for the Aston Martin DB9, such as Air Filters – High Performance DB9 Air filters.

Aston Martin DB9 Air Filters

A pair of high performance air filters improves airflow mass and performance – boosts the DB9 performance by up to 6bhp. These quality air filters are guaranteed for life so you will never need another air filter for your Aston martin DB9 – buy it right and buy it once – Paramount Performance Aston martin DB9 tuning and performance parts


Aston Martin DB9 Car Cover

Luxury Custom Tailored indoor car cover manufactured in the United Kingdom for your Aston Martin DB9, this decisive treat for your Aston Martin DB9, keep your Aston Martin DB9 snug and warm during winter months, choose from a wide range of colours, piping, and logos to match your DB9. Paramount Performances custom made DB9 indoor car covers are beautifully crafted and handmade. Aston Martin Car Cover

Manufactured from a thick cotton acrylic with a soft protective fleecy inner all fully breathable,; piping can be added, as can an Aston Martin logo on the hood if required, comes complete with its own storage and carry bag.

Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic Converters

High Performance Sports DB9 Catalytic Converters, replacement Aston Martin DB9 catalytic converters – large bore Aston Martin DB9 sports catalytic converters for road and motorsport use,

Unlike some Paramounts Aston martin Db9 Catalytic Converters are fully road and UK MOT street legal. These 200 cell high grade stainless steel high flow sports DB9 catalytic converters give increased gas flow and performance, (up to 20 more BHP in the mid range midrange) as well as seriously more growl to the exhaust tone of your aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Upgrades

Paramount Performance home to all your Aston Martin Db9 tuning and performance parts

See details

Aston Martin DB9 Lowering Springs – 25mm Aston Martin DB9 Lowering springs

Aston Martin DB9 Lowering Springs 25mm – Aston Martin DB9 Lowering springs  25mm Aston Martin DB9 Lowering springs are perfect for track day and every day road, these Aston Martin DB9 lowering and handling springs dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance, without introducing a “bone shaking” ride quality.

Our Aston Martin DB9 lowering springs lower your Aston Martin DB9 center of gravity reducing squat during acceleration and  body roll when rendering,

Paramounts Aston Martin DB9 lowering  springs offer, Top-Performance Handling, lower center of gravity, and progressive spring design and function.

Paramount Performance for all your Aston Martin DB9 lowering springs, tuning and performance exhaust systems.

Aston Martin DB9 Lowering springs – Please confirm year and model when ordering  

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Upgrades available mail order world wide

Aston Martin DB9 Wheel Spacers 22mm

Aston Martin DB9 wheel Spacers – 22mm- sold in pairs

These high quality Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers really help fill the arches, giving a fuller, more beefed up look, and all round better stance and presents. Our Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers are easy to fit and install, full instructions are included, these Aston Martin DB9  Wheel spacers are the full bolt on wheel spacers , not just the cheap pack out spacers that can stress the wheel hubs and bolts.

Paramount Performance – For all your Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers, Aston Martin DB9 , and Aston Martin DB9  exhaust systems

See details

Mansory Aston Martin DB9 Front Bumper – Mansory Part DB9 FS EP37

Mansory Aston Martin DB9 Front Bumper – Mansory Part DB9 FS EP37

Front bumper, EU-Version with Parktronic sensors Material: PU-RIM with visible integrated carbon trims, integrated Hella Xenon driving light and day time running light, grille intake 5-stripes chromed complete spoiler system with original attachment points

Shipping is not included in store for some locations, please ask for a shipping quote

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and Upgrades, and other Mansory Aston Martin parts available Uk fitted or with international (tax free) shipping – please ask for details



Truck Tuning Uk for Fuel Economy and Fleet Tuning Services

Truck Tuning Uk for Fuel Economy and Fleet Tuning Services

With the ever high fuel prices we are getting more and more requests for truck tuning and HGV tuning for fuel economy from all over the world, with trucks often returning only 4-5mpg of fuel economy improvements in fuel economy from tuning can have huge significant savings to the bottom line of operating costs.

Truck Tuning
Truck Tuning

Truck Tuning

Paramount offers a full range of truck and fleet tuning services aimed at Trucks, HGV, and lorry applications, all our truck tuning software and programs are developed in house and are bespoke for the customers requirements, so we can cater for your vehicles use, weight, age and mileage.

All truck manufactures can be covered, including Scania tuning, Mercedes Trucks, Man Tuning, Daf, Renault trucks, Volvo Trucks and many many more.

You can see more on our fule economy tuning and truck tuning here

If you are interested in Truck band HGV tuning, economy tuning and truck engine tuning please let us know. We are here to help, Paramount offer uk wide tuning and remapping services on trucks, cars, vans, agricultural vehicles and marine applications. Please see or mail us at

Audi R8 Tuning, ECU Remapping, and Exhaust Systems

Audi R8 Engine Tuning and ECU Remapping

Audi R8 Tuning : Paramount already offer tuning for the full range of Audi vehicles including the Flagship Audi R8 Tuning and ecu remapping, we also offer a brilliant Audi R8 high performance exhaust system, which looks and sounds absolutely amazing, and saves over 15KG of weight too The Audi R8 along with its stable mate the Audi RS4 are great vehicles to tune, responding well to the correct alteration of spark advance and fuelling.

Audi R8 Tuning
Audi R8 Tuning

Paramount offer tuning and Audi R8 exhaust systems for shipping and installation around the world the  Tuning can give very significant extra power and torque completely transforming the Audi R8 tuning, giving additional midrange power and acceleration, an impressive 28 bhp is achievable over standard power at 4000 rpm.

There is also a choice in sound levels, from full on super sport 118bd, to something a little more refined too. Both full stainless steel Audi R8 exhaust systems and Titanium Audi R8 exhaust systems are available from a number of different many manufacturers – juts ask the Paramount team about the options and sound ;levels available

You can see more on the Paramount Audi R8 tuning here:

We also have and stock exhausts systems for the full range or Audi and VW vehicles as well as extensive Audi and VW tuning options, again available anywhere in the world via mail order. (and tax free subject to location)

Whatever your Vag tuning or exhaust system needs we are here to help, please see or mail us at