Exciting New Range of GPS tracking devices from Paramount Performance

Amber Connect Smartphone app & tracking devices

Paramount Performance has launched an exciting new range of GPS trackers, which enable to you to track your most treasured possessions in real-time from an app on your smartphone.  Amber Connect is a revolution in vehicle tracking, giving customers the ability to track their vehicles and how they are being driven, and remotely shut down the engine via the Amber App in the event of a problem.

Vehicle trackers have been around for a long time but they have always been very expensive to purchase, come with long contract tie-ins, and the data is only accessible in the event of the vehicle being stolen.  Amber Connect trackers give vehicle owners insight into how their vehicles are being driven, with extensive analytics provided by the Amber App.  See at the touch of the screen how your vehicle is being driven, whether it is speeding, being driven carelessly or roughly, and where it has been.  Manage your fuel expenses and tag journeys as to whether they are business or personal miles, making expenses management and HMRC returns a breeze.

Amber Connect devices are available as wired or wireless and are an extremely cost-effective way to keep track of your highly-valuable possessions.  The wired devices allow for remote shut-down of the engine via the Amber App, while the wireless devices are easily portable from vehicle to vehicle as well as giving the ability to keep track of mobile assets which don’t have power, such as trailers & horseboxes for example.  Devices can be purchased from £140; they require the use of a SIM card for data and these can cost from as little as £2.50 a month meaning that advanced GPS tracking at your fingertips costs less than the price of a takeaway cappuccino!

For more information about Amber Connect tracking devices, please visit www.amberconnect.co.uk, call 01789 774413 or email sales@amberconnect.co.uk.

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