Increased Power and Performance for the Jaguar F-Type V6

Image of Jaguar F-Type V6

Increased power and performance for the Jaguar F-Type V6! Paramount Performance has been in the exciting position of having a Jaguar F-Type V6 in for some research and development.  Running at an impressive 340bhp before any Jaguar F-Type modifications, ECU tuning or styling, the Jaguar F-Type V6 was treated to a range of refinements to increase its power and performance, making it one of the fastest F-Type V6s on the road today.

The suite of modifications and upgrades added to the F-Type V6 have been pulled together by Paramount Performance’s R&D team with the aim of getting the very best power and performance out of the vehicle.  High performance air filters were installed which increase combustion and throttle power by increasing air intake into the engine.  Complementing this is the addition of an uprated Jaguar F-Type charge cooler, which cools the air before it enters the engine giving optimum power for the combustion process.

The Jaguar F-Type performance exhaust is a stainless steel work of art, which coupled with 200-cell cats boosts power in the midrange, just where it’s most needed.  The 200-cell cats are less dense than the standard 800-cell Jaguar F-Type catalytic converters, allowing waste exhaust gases to pass through quicker, clearing the exhaust and increasing combustion.  The Jaguar F-Type performance exhaust is available with a choice of exhaust tips according to the customer’s personal taste and requirements.

Pulling all the mechanical modifications to the Jaguar F-Type V6 together is the performance ECU remap.  This software upgrade to the ECU delivers nearly an extra 100bhp at the crank, with phenomenal responsiveness, making this F-Type V6 one of the fastest on the road.

As well as the mechanical modifications under the bonnet and the performance ECU remap, Paramount Performance also offers suspension lowering and polyurethane bushes for the Jaguar F-Type, which improve the vehicle’s poise and stance on the road, and a range of hand-cast aluminium wheels complete the look.  With 24 different styles and 28 different colours there is bound to be something to suit any customer’s taste.

For more information about how Paramount Performance can tune, style and upgrade your Jaguar F-Type V6 to give it more power and performance, please call +44 (0)1789 774444, email or visit to view the various options available for your Jaguar F-Type V6.

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