Jaguar F Type Exhaust – Rolling Like Thunder, F-Type V8 Supersports Exhaust System.

Jaguar F Type Exhaust – Rolling Like Thunder, F-Type V8 Supersports Exhaust System.

Paramount Performance have always been at the forefront of Jaguar upgrading and performance tuning. After spending a long time deliberating over what we could possibly do to improve on the impressive V8 crackle from the standard Jaguar F-type exhaust system we decided to go for a more raw and natural V8 tone.

So to start we decided that the Paramount Performance Super Sport exhaust system should retain the in car switchable settings of the original system. We reduced the overall size and weight of the exhaust silencer keeping the quad tail pipes with the two outer pipes utilising valves for the benefits of back pressure at lower revs and airflow once the revs pick up. These valves can be over-ridden by selecting the open mode setting inside the car.

Further along the system the centre silencer has a crossover or X pipe to further aid with back pressure and exhaust gas scavenging across the V8 engines two banks of cyclinders.

These two parts are available as a cat-back system that will link directly to the original catalytic converters.

And finally, connected to the manifolds, are a pair of 200 cell or 200cpsi catalytic converters, manufactured to meet E9 TYPE 103-R approval under current European legislation. The derestriction of gasses escaping the F-type V8 engine unlocks a new level in performance and exhaust sound. These catalytic converters can be purchased as a replacement part that will fit to the original exhaust system.

Overall the complete Jaguar F-Type V8 Supersports Exhaust system offered by Paramount Performance is unparalleled, unrivalled and undeniably the most expressive concept of what true power sounds like.

A video of this fantastic exhaust system can be heard here.

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