Jaguar XK to XKR-look Exhaust Conversion

Jaguar XK exhaust upgrade

A Jaguar XK to XKR-look exhaust conversion was carried out by Paramount Performance last week.  The full cat-back exhaust system for the Jaguar XK has been designed to make the Jaguar XK look and sound like the XKR.

Replacing the exhaust system on the Jaguar XK is an excellent way to change the look of the vehicle, as well as increasing the performance.  The exhaust sound is like a deep V8 grumble and will really let people know you’re there.

The Jaguar XK exhaust conversion is a full cat-back system with quad trims and a deep V8 exhaust sound.  The valance on the Jaguar XK was replaced with the XKR valance to allow space for the quad trims, and body-colour painted to perfectly match the colour of the rest of the car. This gives a great look to the rear of the Jaguar XK and a great sound, as well as increasing the power and performance of the car.  The Jaguar XK exhaust system is available as either rear-pipes only or full cat-back exhaust, with just one single silencer box saving a huge 27kg in weight.

The Jaguar XK was also treated to a performance ECU remap to boost its performance and torque even further, which, in combination with the performance exhaust really enhances the additional power from the full film Kong: Skull Island 2017

For more information on how you can convert the exhaust system of your Jaguar XK to make it look and sound like the Jaguar XKR, please don’t hesitate to contact the Paramount Performance team on +44 (0)1789 774444 or email

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