New Styling Packages for the Jaguar XK – XKR Styling

New Styling Packages for the Jaguar XK – XKR Styling.

Paramount Performance is excited to announce its brand new styling packages for the Jaguar XK. The desirable lines of the Jaguar XK’s curves have been enhanced with lowered suspension, while its hand-cast aluminium wheels are available in 24 different design options and 28 different colours, offering the ultimate in bespoke design for your pride and joy.  At the rear of the Jaguar XK, the stainless steel, high-performance sports exhaust is not only big, shiny and attractive, but the two different ‘purr levels’ – loud and really loud – will let everyone know you’re there before they can see you.  Carbon-fibre bonnet vents, improved bushes and suspension rubbers complete the transformation.

ECU Software Tuning Modifications

Under the bonnet the uprated supercharger pulley brings the software upgrade to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to life, increasing supercharger boost pressures perfectly to match the enhanced fuelling of the software. The 600bhp conversion yields an extra 80ftlbs of extra torque, taking a whole second off 0-60 times, reducing the average to 4.1 dan trik android

High-flow air filters enable higher air flow into the engine improving combustion, throttle and power while 200 Cell Catalytic Convertors improve waste exhaust gas flow – put your foot to the floor and receive an instant kick. This beauty will fly!

The Paramount Performance styling package will make your Jaguar XK look the part, sound the part and drive the part – it will be the fastest, prettiest kitty on the road!

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