Protect Your Vehicle from Theft via the OBD Port Protection

OBD Port Protection

 Protect your vehicle from theft via the OBD port.

OBD Port Protection: Let’s talk aboutstealing high-tech vehicles, as this unfortunate practice is becoming more commonplace. And, it’s not just the vehicle that is at risk of getting snatched, since modern vehicles are packed with technology that integrates with your smartphone, storing contact data and sat navs keeping a log of your journeys and addresses.  It seems whilst we protect our digital lives in one sense, we totally forget about our car’s access to such data.

The great news is, modern motors are becoming much harder for the opportunist thief to grab.  With alarms, immobilisers and key codes, key fobs and in-car entertainment coding, grabbing our stuff is not so easy.  However, as the ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said “Necessity is the mother of invention”. And don’t ask if the villains are not upping their game with hacking tools (that do have a legitimate place in authorised garages) to bypass vehicle security protocols by connecting to the vehicle’s ECU from the OBD port.

Paramount Performance has been tuning vehicles electronically for many years now and the question of OBD security seems to be popping up more frequently from customers.  Once such customer, who recently took delivery of a very beautiful Ford Focus RS has needed to put her vehicle in hiding as one villain attempted to hack the car and make off with it.  No key required apparently! The days of hot-wiring vehicles are over it seems.

OBD Port Protection

Let’s break this down a bit, there are devices out there that have now got into the hands of thieves. Gaining entry to the car and quickly connecting to the OBD port to deactivate alarms and immobilisers, even reading the key code is now the trend.

As you know the OBD port provides direct access for garage diagnostic tools to fault-find and reputable companies like Paramount Performance can assign software upgrades to improve performance or vehicle fuel economy by the same OBD port – essentially it’s a standard vehicle communication method. But now we learn other tools are circulating that allow an OBD port to be hacked.

Our very good Ford RS customer asked us what we could do to stop any future hack attempt from being successful and we did find a remarkable solution that is now available to all Paramount Performance customers.

OBD Port Protection

Image of OBD port

After significant research we’ve found the answer in a Thatcham Quality Assured Product, less than £400 fully installed – you can lock off the OBD connection. Obviously you have the ability to give authorised access for regular servicing, repairs and maintenance.  OBD Protect permanently integrates with the vehicle. With dedicated wiring there is no need to splice into existing looms, protecting the warranty.

OBD Protect features a 3 year warranty, free registration with the ISR (International Security Register), 2 x OBD Port Authorisation Cards and of course it is Thatcham Approved, which means you ought to see a discount on your insurance premiums for having one fitted.

Purchase an OBD Protect Device and an Amber Connect app controlled Vehicle Tracker together from Paramount Performance and receive a discount of 10%.

Learn more about Amber Connect’s V363 model tracker that enables engine shut-down and restart via the Amber app.

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