Range Rover SVR switchable tuning and Home Range Rover Remapping

Range Rover SVR switchable tuning, and Performance upgrades 

Not only are Paramount are very pleased to offer their Range Rover SVR remapping and tuning packages, we can now offer our Range Rover SVR switchable tuning system, so you can tune your Range Rover anywhere, and time and also return to stock at any time.

Range Rover SVR switchable tuning system

Paramount Performance already has a serious and impressive track record with the Range Rover 5.0 supercharged engine, and of course Paramount’s Jaguar Tuning and remapping. But for these customers that are not close to us, or one of our dealers, its not always easy to get the tuning installed – but now we have just the answer  with our Range Rover SVR switchable tuning system.

The Range Rover SVR performance tuning package gives you a massive 70bhp and will leave you smiling from ear to ear, latest customer comments “wow this is now outrageous in good way the drive home is going to be great”

The Range Rover home tuning unit is easy to use, and allows you the driver to tune your vehicle in your own time and the comfort of your home. The system is designed so you need no prior technical knowledge of tuning, if you can sens an E-mail you can now tune your Range Rover! whenever and wherever you want to.

And really importantly for those Range Rover and Range Rover SVR customers needed the option of returning to “un-tuned state” this is a simple push button operation – leaving you in control of who know and who drives it in the tuned format.

Range Rover svr remapping tuning

Range Rover svr remapping and tuning at Paramount

For more information about other Range Rover styling, performance and tuning products please click Range Rover SVR Tuning 


As well as Range Rover SVR remapping and tuning Paramount can offer a number of other upgrades and performance parts, including upper and lower supercharger pulleys, air filters and exhaust systems, power and BHP can be taken to 650bhp +


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