So you think you know James bond – Take the James Bond quiz now and find out

So you think you know James bond – Take the James Bond Quiz now and find out


Paramount Performance offer tuning and styling enhancements for nearly all luxury and prestige cars, we particularly specialise in Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover Vehicles, and we are of course huge Bond fans.

James Bond Quiz – Test you bond knowledge now  – so we begin…. 


What was the title of the 2008 Bond movie – (the 22nd)

Who has played bond the most amount of times

What James bond film stared Jane Seymour

What was the name of Jane Seymour’s character

What was the first James bond novel to be written by Ian Fleming

What was the first novel to be made into a Movie

Doctor No was missing two body parts, what were they

Scaramanga  – was the bad guy in what film

Who played Scaramanga

What extra body part did Scaramanga

Switchable exhaust in Gold Titanium

Switchable exhaust in Gold Titanium – looks straight out of the Movies

If you like your gadgets, Paramount have lots of them, like switchable exhaust systems, that are loud when you want them to be, and offer stealth quiet when you need to sneak around. Stunning performance exhaust systems are available for many cars  

Back to the James Bond Quiz……

What James bond film stared Ursula Adres

Brit Ekland starred in the man with the golden gun, what was her character

What was the name of Urcels Andres character –

Shirley Bassie sung 3 bond theme times,  name 2 of them  –

What was the name of Gold Fingers mute  “hench man”

What type of plant did the chemical weapon used in moon raker come from-

Name the bond film to start Hallie Berry

Jaguar Tuning and Remapping

Jaguar Tuning and Remapping

Need a faster get-way car – we can help with that too, engine tuning can deliver great driving pleasure, better throttle response, more BHP, and make your car feel literally better than new, tuning comes with a free trial too, so if you are not sure – come for a test drive      

And if you really like your gadgets – we can give you a Q special – a switchable tuning device.

back to the James Bond Quiz…..                                         

What is the name of the space empire business operated by the bad guy in Moon Raker

Sean Bean stared in Golden eye – what was his 00 number

What was the not so glamorous Yellow car bond made an escape in for your eyes only

Who sung the sound track to golden eye (sing 1 point)

What was the name of the decoder machine at the centre of the file for your eye only

What body part is the Blowfeld family genetically said to be missing

What fictional nationality was the embassy Bond raided and blew up in the opening scene of casino royal –

2 litres of what were found in the stomach of the dead Mr Green in Quantum of solace –

Spector stands for what –

Jaguar F Type Predator 650bhp Conversion

Jaguar F Type Predator 650bhp Conversion


From tuning and exhaust system to full vehicle conversions, brakes, carbon fibre, styling, suspension, power and performance conversions – like our Jaguar F-Type Predator boasting 650bhp of specialness. From a simple remap to supercar make overs – we are here to help

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