Want to tune cars with the best support and car tuning software training

Want to tune cars with the best support and training in the industry?

As well as provide tuning services, we also offer industry support and car tuning training, if you are looking to expand your business, or move into a new field of business in car tuning, ecu remapping and engine tuning we can help.

We offer a variety of car tuning tools, equipment and software to suit all budgets with master tuning files, and technical training to take you step by step through the tuning and performance industry, car tuning software, tools and support.

We offer most tuning tools and car tuning software including, byte shooter, Alientech Kess, ECM titanium, Dimsport genius, Optician, HP tuner, CMD and map 3d, we offer training and support to both client dealers, with high quality insured, guaranteed tuning files, and well as master tuning dealer support and training.

If you are already tuning, or would like to explore the options of tuning with us, please mail us now at info@paramount-performance.com for a discrete insight of how we can help.

Come and tune with the largest best known brand in the Industry – tuning since 1980! www.paramount-performance.com  or mail us at info@paramount-performance.com

Paramount Performance has now moved to new much larger premises where we offer car tuning, styling and exhaust systems  you can contact us here   https://www.paramount-performance.com/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update or see our online shop for mail order here, https://www.paramount-performance.com/home.php


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