Why do washing machines die so young? (and what has it got to do with car tuning and ecu remapping)

Why do washing machines die so young? (and what has it got to do with car tuning and ecu remapping)

Car tuning and washing machines. Remember that old washing machine you bought back in the 1980s? The one that seemed to go on for ever, or the one your parents had when you were a child, it lasted your whole childhood right?

And then there was the one you bought only a couple of years back, which seemed to give up the ghost more quickly than an its super-fast spin cycle, lasting just a few years, and the cost to repair – more than the darn thing cost!

The truth is they don’t build them like they used to – and car tuning today is the same! Yes car tuning of all things!

The white good manufactures admit that the lifespan of the goods have fallen. But so too have prices – so what did we expect was going to happen?Spider-Man: Homecoming movie

And so why don’t we spend a bit more on a better model?

‘Conking out’

The truth is relentless demand for cheap prices is taking its toll on the durability of the products we buy. And yes car tuning is the same!

With new technology continuously offering new and better features, many people have got used to the idea of upgrading devices nearly every year, but they don’t want to pay for this, they expect and want cheap! But are all products the same, can they and should they be brought only on price and what is the down side of a price only driven market?

Shoppers constantly search online for the best deals, retailers have to compete to make a sales, the pressure is to offer cheap, to make sure you make the sale, but is cheap always good and best for the retailer or the customer?

It is this erosion of prices that has inevitably taken its toll on the build quality and longevity of mass-market products, this is a fact we can all see in our washing machines and it is the same for car tuning.

To develop and market leading car tuning products and remapping service costs – weeks of research must be applied, and refined into every tuning file to do it well, but cheap software and customers wanting to pay just a few £pounds for their tuning means the quality is massively reducing in car tuning, many customers don’t understand what is involved in developing tuning software, and have never see behind the curtains of the car tuners to know what is going on.

The market has become too focussed on price and not quality, leading to map writers cutting corners and offering substandard tuning files, training and support. With most tuning being conducted and “vetted” from a website, the “have a go” tuner can trade on price with little or no substance, experience or research.

At Paramount Performance www.paramount-performance.com and our partner Viezu www.viezu.com we have an open door – with no smoke and mirrors, put our quality to the test, the largest fleet operators in Europe do every day, and so do the Royal British Standard institute when they audit us every year for ISO compliance.

If you would like to inspect our facilities, meet the technical team or see your tuning file being written and tested – please contact your local dealer and they will make an appointment for you.

We are waiting to show you the difference mail us http://www.viezu.com/contact-us”>here

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