Jaguar X Type Tuning, Remapping and Exhaust Systems

We specialise in supplying performance parts and upgrades for Jaguar X Type models.

We deliver first-class tuningremapping and performance upgrades including performance exhauststyres and styling products.

Don’t trust your Jaguar X Type tuning to anyone, we have a 5* rating from our customers and specialised in high-value performance cars such as Jaguar.

  • Jaguar Burble Pop & Bang Tuning

    Jaguar Burble Pop and Bang Tuning

    Want more exhaust tone from your Jaguar, more burble on overrun and more rumble?

    Amazingly this can now be software installed, yep that’s right, download and install more burble, and a more aggressive exhaust tone on overrun and more popping and banging – sometimes known as anti-lag tuning and remapping

    The software can be installed at our workshops or in most cases can be loaded onto our driver operated tuning device so you can tune your own Jaguar F – Type at home any time

    The Paramount burble pop and bang tuning can also be combined with other tunes and remapping, for example, you can add a de-cat software configuration, MAX Power tuning, modification tuning, air indication, or supercharger upgrades software for example – everything is possible and can be combined to give you your own unique software set up – is it burble-O’clock already?

  • Jaguar Exhaust tuning – burble activation

    Jaguar Exhaust tuning – burble activation

    What your Jaguar XJR or Jaguar XF to sound more like an Jaguar F Type with burbles and overrun popping?

    Paramount can tune your software to the exact same level as Jaguar use on the original F type exhaust software, burble activation and growl on overrun and between gear changes

    Paramounts Jaguar exhaust tuning software can be combined with additional changes such as performance tuning, speed limiter de-activation, etc.

    Have your Jaguar set up and tuned the way you want it, not the way it comes.

  • Jaguar Wheel Spacers 20mm

    Jaguar 20mm Wheel Spacers – sold in pairs

    These high-quality Jaguar wheel spacers really help fill the arches, giving a fuller, more beefed up look, and all-around better stance and presents.

    Our Jaguar wheel spacers are easy to fit and install, full instructions are included, these Jaguar XK Wheel spacers and Jaguar XF wheel spacers are the full bolt-on wheel spacers, not just the cheap pack out spacers that can stress the wheel hubs and bolts.

    Paramount Performance – For all your Jaguar wheel spacers, Jaguar tuning, and Jaguar exhaust systems

  • Jaguar Window Tinting & Styling

    Jaguar Window Tinting – VIP Jaguar Styling

    If you are looking for a little more privacy maybe it’s time to tint your Jaguar windows, as well as give a sleeker stylish look, window tinting will give your Jaguar a very practical bonus of keeping the car cooler on hot days and protecting from sun damage and fading. And after all, does everyone really need to see everything you are doing?

    Privacy is important to many of us, Jaguar window tinting is available for all models of Jaguar, it’s a simple and effective way of making your Jaguar a little more private and stylish. Paramount Performance offers UK wide collection and delivery for tinting, tuning and styling, as well as full vehicle wrapping. If you are looking to make your Jaguar look a little more special, Paramount can arrange a full range of window tints in varying shades of colour and darkness.

    Window tinting is just one of many of the discrete styling, tuning and performance upgrades offered by Paramount Performance. From single items, trims and carbon fibre to full performance and power conversions, up to 650bhp! E-mail us now for details

    Priced here for a 4 door XF – please enquire for a more specific quote if needed.

  • Jaguar X – Type Lowered Sports Suspension Pack

    Jaguar X Type Lowering Springs  – 30 mm Jaguar X Type Lowering springs  

    Jaguar X Type Lowering springs are perfect for track day and every day road, these Jaguar X Type lowering and handling springs dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance, without introducing a “bone shaking” ride quality.

    Our Jaguar x Type lowering springs lower your Jaguar XType center of gravity reducing squat during acceleration and  body roll when rendering,

    Paramounts Jaguar XType lowering  springs offer, Top-Performance Handling, lower center of gravity, and progressive spring design and function.

    Paramount Performance for all your Jaguar XType lowering springs, tuning and performance exhaust systems.

    Jaguar X Type Lowering springs – Please confirm year and model when ordering  

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  • Jaguar X Type Exhaust 2.5 / 3.0 Stainless Steel Exhaust Rear

    Jaguar X Type Exhaust: 2.5, 3.0          ..                R Stainless Steel Sports Performance Rear Exhaust Boxes




    The Paramount Jaguar X type exhaust system, just how your Jaguar X Type 2.5,3.0 ltr  should have sounded the first time you drove it!




    Replacement large bore rear exhaust system with large rolled edged oval pipes.




    The Paramount Jaguar X Type 2.5,3.0 ltr performance exhaust was designed and developed out of pure passion, it’s just what you were hoping your Jaguar would sound like, a little bit more roar and mean, in short, the system sounds amazing; it gives a very addictive deep V8 sound, making a Jaguar X Type 2.5,3.0ltr  sound like a true sports car.




    When fitted the system gives a fantastic deep tone with a distinctive crackle on the overrun and a distinctive sporting note. Mail order and full fitting service available from Paramount




    The Paramount Jaguar X Type 2.5,3.0 ltr performance exhaust possibly the best present you have brought yourself (after your Jaguar of course)


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  • Jaguar X Type Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor Car Cover

    Jaguar X-Type   Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor Car Cover  Jaguar X-Type     


    The ultimate treat for your Jaguar X-Type, keep your Jaguar X-Type snug and warm this winder is one of our Jaguar X-Type custom car covers, choose your colour, piping, and logos to match your X-Type.

    UK manufactured, fully bespoke indoor Jaguar X-Type car cover. Our custom made Jaguar indoor car covers are each individually hand made to order for each specific customer and their Jaguar X-Type 

    These luxury Jaguar X-Type car covers are the finest you can buy, manufactured from a thick cotton acrylic with a soft protective fleecy inner

    Piping can be added, as can a Jaguar logo on the hood if required, comes complete with its own storage and carry bag.

    The indoor Jaguar X-Type car covers are fully breathable, very soft and are available in choice of 20 colours for the cover and piping – please specify your choice when ordering.

    The picture shown of the Jaguar X-Type  car cover is just for illustration, each custom car cover is specifically tailored to fit your pride and joy snugly and unique to you and your Jaguar X-Type  Worldwide mail order available. If you have any questions please let us know, you can mail us 

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