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  • Milltek BMW 5 Series (E39) M5 5.0 V8- Milltek BMW M5 Exhaust System

    Milltek BMW 5 Series (E39) M5 5.0 V8- Milltek BMW M5 Exhaust System  

    The Milltek BMW M5 exhaust system exhaust and mufflers are the very finest after-market BMW M5 exhaust systems available. Milltek BMW M5 exhausts systems are manufactured from high grade stainless steel

    Paramount offer an unrivalled range of Milltek exhausts systems, including the Milltek BMW M5 exhaust, and Milltek catalytic converters for many cars too.

    The Milltek BMW M5 Exhaust system comes with all clamps and fittings needed and fits to the exact high standard as the original exhaust, look, sound and fitting are all of the very highest quality. And Milltek BMW M5 exhaust systems and mufflers come with a life time corrosion warranty too

    The Milltek BMW M5 performance exhaust systems sound amazing. It gives the M5 a very addictive sporty sound, when fitted the Milltek BMW M5 exhaust system gives a fantastic high performance tone with a distinctive crackle on overrun, releasing the BMW M3 true supercar sound!

    In addition the Milltek BMW M5 Exhaust system offers a nice power increase across the mid-range of power as well as improved throttle response.

    BMW M5 Exhaust Systems and BMW M5 Mufflers are available for all just about all BMW M5’s, if you are not sure, or if you don’t see what you are looking for please e-mail us – we are here help

    Paramount the home of the BMW M5 exhaust system and BMW M5 exhaust muffler and tuning parts

  • BMW Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor Car Cover

    Luxury Custom Tailored BMW M5 Indoor Car Cover    




    UK manufactured, fully bespoke indoor BMW car cover. Our custom made indoor car covers are each individually hand made to order for each specific customer and their BMW.




    These luxury car covers are the finest you can buy, manufactured from a thick cotton acrylic with a soft protective fleecy inner




    Piping can be added free, as can a manufactures logo on the hood if required




    The indoor car covers are fully breathable, very soft and are available in choice of 20 colours for the cover and piping – please specify your choice when ordering.




    The picture shown of a Porsche and its cover is just for illustration, each custom car cover is specifically tailored to fit your pride and joy snugly and unique to your BMW M5.




    Worldwide mail order available. If you have any questions please let us know, you can mail us

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  • Milltek BMW M5 exhaust with Titanium Tips SSXBM1017

    Milltek BMW M5 exhaust (F10) SSXBM1017 with Titanium Tips  

    Milltek performance exhaust system for the BMW F10 variant of BMW’s tarmac-ripping M5. The Milltek parts number for this cat back exhaust system is SSXBM1017

    The Milltek quad GT90 tips in Titanium 

    Paramount BMW tuning specialists, offering perfroamnce upgrades, tuning, gearbox tuning and remapping, Popping and banging maps, fault code and function delete, such as EGR, O2, Swirl flap delete as well as exhaust systems, de-cat and 200 cell cat upgrades. Please mail for details, tax free worldwide shipping and mail order sales available.     

  • BMW M5 Quaife Differential E39 – BMW M5 Limited Slip Differential E39

    BMW M5 Quaife Differential units for the BMW E39 – BMW M5 Limited Slip Differential E39

    BMW M5 Quaife Differential units for the BMW E39  – BMW M5 Limited Slip Differential for the BMW E39 M5 – Others M5 LSD models available

    The BMW M5 E39 QUAIFE LSD  differential will always prevent loss of drive and traction that  may occur on the original BMW M5 differential hence giving wheel slip. Loosing torque in the slipping wheels, our BMW M5 limited slip differential QUAIFE unit is much more progressive in action, importantly it does not lock though so it gives more controle to the power, giving driving powee to  the driving wheels. this MBW M5 LSD is really suited to high powered front or rear wheel drive BMW vehilces.

    The Paramount suplied QUAIFE BMW M5 differential unit are availabe for  2 or 4 wheel drive BMW’s, if you need max traction – this LSD will help.  For serviceing the quaife BMW M5 differential unit is simple, all gear pinions are free fitting and so normal BMW final drive lubrication oils can be used.

    Paramount can supply Quaife differentials for almost all BMW models,just let us know if you dont see what you are looking for, or if you have any questions   

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