BMW M5 Tuning ECU Remapping.

BMW M5 Tuning ECU Remapping.

BMW M5 Tuning and ECU remapping

Paramount will be delighted to assist with your BMW M5 Tuning and remapping, Paramount can cover all model years of BMW M5, including the very latest 2020 M5’s which boast abd impressive increased output of 625hp

With 625hp and a maximum torque of 750Nm, the M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder petrol engine of the BMW M5 is ideally suited for tuning and remapping.

Paramounts BMW M5 tuning is fully custom and bespoke, the tuning software is written, proven and tested in house, so you can see your M5 tested on the dyno, and see the new software file being written and installed. Our tech engineers will be happy to take you though the software so you can see the changes being made and also have input yourself, the software can be adjusted for modifications, upgrades and also driver preference, for sharper throttle response, and aggressiveness of the tune, even full on track day tuning can be offered – want to turn your BMW M5 info a track day best, or just a fast road animal ?    

BMW tuning custom, bespoke and unique to you and your M5 Paramount BMW Tuning specialists. Worldwide and mail order sales welcome. 

Price: 399.00

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